Birthday Giveaway #4: Root Packet

Today’s giveaway is for a packet of roots from my personal herb garden. It will include easy to grow root herbs: comfrey, marshmallow, elecampane, sunchokes and horseradish along with information on how to plant them and what they can be used for medicinally. This packet will not be mailed out until proper planting time so you won’t have to worry about holding on to them until then. This is a great little collection of starter roots to start a new garden for yourself or to add to your existing garden.

For a chance to win this root collection leave a comment. For extra chances to win, comment separately when you:

~blog about your chance to win a copy
~tweet about it
~become a fan of herbal roots zine
~follow us on twitter

and leave a separate comment for each thing you do! Hurry, the giveaway ends Sunday evening (Feb 14) at 8pm! We’ll announce the winner on Monday morning when we announce the next giveaway.

87 Responses to “Birthday Giveaway #4: Root Packet”

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    How exciting! We used to have sunchokes in our garden when I was little, until the rabbits discovered them!!

  2. 2
    Maggi Davison

    Again, thank you so much for providing us with the chance to receive such useful prizes.

  3. 3

    What a wonderful thing! Thank you for the chance to enter and win.

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    Posted on Twitter, under my account “wildspark”.

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    Posted on FB as well! Thank you. :)

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    Nancy Walters

    oh my, that is such an exciting giveaway — especially in February, when my garden fever is absolutely raging. please, please, pick me! –

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    Nancy Walters

    I’m already a fan on facebook! –

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    am a facebook fan

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    Would love this collection!

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    put on my myspace page

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    I am a Facebook Fan

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    I would absolutely love this for our new home! We move in 2 wks!

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    I’m following you on twitter!

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    Following you on twitter

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    Shared you on my FB account :)

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    I re-tweeted your tweet!

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    This would be great in our garden!

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    I haven’t tried to grow any of these so it would be a great chance to learn how!

  20. 20

    I don’t currently grow any of these but now I want to whether I win or not.

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    I’m also a Facebook fan

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    I’m sooo excited about this one! A girl can never have too much comfrey. :)

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    I follow you on twitter.

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    I tweeted about the root packet.

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    I’m a fan on FB

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    I commented on facebook.

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    Kristine what a SUPER wonderful give away! I love when roots make their way into new yards.

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    Blogged about the giveaway! :)

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    facebooked this too! :)

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    What a great idea for a present! I’m in!!

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    Susan Marynowski

    I don’t tweet, but I’m a FB fan and I like your giveaway!

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    We REALLY want to start growing sunchokes this spring! What a wonderful collection of roots to pass along. Thanks!

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    Shared on Facebook- Angie Leamen Mohr

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    Blogged about it here:

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    Fanned you on Facebook…

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    Following you on Twitter (angiewritergirl)

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    Super great giveaway! I’m also a facebook fan too!

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    I would love to win these roots , I don’t have any of those growing.

    ~ Green Blessings ~

  39. 39

    What a great giveaway! Would love to have these powerful plants spreading their roots in my garden. And the beautiful sunchoke is an added delight! Please put my name in the hat!
    Thank you,

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    Am tweeting this now
    user name christinemmttm

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    I just published this as a status post on Facebook.

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    Just added you to my following list on Twitter
    My Twitter user name is christinemmttm

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    I just blogged your contest on my blog at:

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    I am already a fan of yours on Facebook!

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    Darcy B

    Yes please–I love to plant things, and watch them grow–it’s so fulfilling!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Great! I just added you to my facebook

  47. 47

    thanks for the chance to win. This is so neat.

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    I make all natural totally handmade body products, including soap and lotion bars and have been wanting to add herbs to some. I will learn a great deal from this site. I just found you.

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    Can we purchase roots from you?

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    I’m blogging about this great giveaway today at my ” Herbal Spirits ” Blog .

    ~ Many Blessings ~

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    Awesome. I will post this over at FB

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    Gary Ball

    A facebook fan, thank you for having these contest : )

  53. 53

    I am a facebook fan and will also post about your e-zine giveaway on my blog, Homesteading Pagan Style,
    what a great gift!

  54. 54

    I would love to win.

  55. 55
    lisa h

    I would love to grow these roots. Wonderful!

  56. 56
    Alexandrea M

    Oh that is amazing! A few things are going out of rotation in our raised beds and I have wanted to grow something interesting! I’ve also heard about sunchokes all year long and haven’t ever had one, and I’ve grown flowers for medicinal purposes but never rots!

  57. 57
    Deborah R

    We moved to our home in the country three years ago. Last year, I started gardening and I’d love to include roots in my expansion this year. Thanks for the chance!

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    Deborah R


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    Deborah R

    I became a fan of Herbal Roots Zine at FB (id: Deborah Rosen).

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    Deborah R

    Following herbalrootszine at Twitter @AsTheNight.

    And…happy birthday!

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    I’m am so excited about that. I am definitely thinking SPRING!

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    I’m following on Twitter

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    I Tweeted about you…pianokeys88

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    I’m a Facebook fan now.

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    What a nice giveaway! Good luck to everyone.

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    I would love this! Pick me, please!

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    Following you on twitter

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    Entering for a chance to win

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    Tweeted about it (Herblady22)

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    Posted it on FB

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    Oh I would love to try horseradish again!

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    I’m your newest FB fan.

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    Posted the contest to FB

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    I’m following you on twitter ( @aquarianbath)

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    I tweeted your contest.

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    Debbi R

    I am a new facebook fan

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    Debbi R

    I would love to win this collection to add to my herbs I grow every summer.

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    Debbi R

    I subscribe

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    Ok I just blogged it! :)

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    Jennifer M

    Wow I really want these!

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    Jennifer M

    Facebook fan as Jennifer Maslowski

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    Jennifer M

    Twitter follower as jennem1.

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    Fan on facebook also. Would love to win!

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    I joined you as a facebook fan and subscribed to newsletter. Please enter me in the contest to win the stash!
    Thankyou..looking forward to newsletters!
    healingwoman- cheryl dolby

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    Added myself as a Follower on Facebook and Twitter, and retwitted :). I am a herbalist too and that roots are really hard to find where I live (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain).

  86. 86

    I remember my whole family canning horseradish in the summer when I was a kid. All the women with bandanas covering their faces against the fumes. I’d love to do it myself again.Hope I win this prize!

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    Also a fan of Herbal Roots Zine on FB

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