Monday Giveaway – Plant Healer Annual and Artwork of

This week I am honored to give away a copy of the First Plant Healer Annual and the Art of Plant Healer Magazine! Plant Healer Magazine is in its 3rd year of publication and is quite an amazing publication, full of articles from herbalists all over the country and abroad.

Plant Healer Annual features in-depth and highly personal columns and articles on subjects of interest to folks at all stages of learning, students and practitioners alike, including plant profiles, therapeutics, foraging, medicine making, botany, herbs in midwifery, articles for and by kids, marketing, whole foods cooking, herbalist art and culture, philosophies of practice and pertinent issues, exclusive book excerpts and interviews.

Departments & Topics Include:

Seeing People (Therapeutics), Plant Allies (Monographs) • Historic Herbal Traditions • Herbalism in Frontier America • Curanderas & Medicine Women • Cultivating Garden Herbs • Wild Foods, Foraging & ReWilding • Energetics & Constitutions • Tools & Tips for Herbalists • Field Botany • Herbal Articles For & By Kids • Fiction for Herbalists • Creating an Herbal Livelihood  • Herbal Business Sense • Plant Conservation & Herbal Activism • Ethos & Politics • Herbalist Art, Fashion & Culture

The first Plant Healer Annual contains all 4 issues from the first year of publication in black and white and is over 700 pages long. This annual is no longer offered for sale so this may be your only chance to have your very own copy of this wonderful tome.


Contributors to Plant Healer Annual include many of the leading voices in folk herbalism and wildcrafting, such as Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, Aviva Romm, Kiva Rose, Phyllis Light, Samuel Thayer, 7Song, Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, Jim McDonald, Kristine Brown, Virginia Adi, Todd Caldecott, Sean Donahue, John Gallagher, Rosalee de la Forêt, Robin Rose Bennett, Ananda Wilson, Christa Sinadinos, Margi Flint, Katja Swift, Dale Bellisfield, Susan Belsinger, Jane Valencia and Henriette Kress.

The Art of Plant Healer Magazine is a beautiful color collection of the art from the annual and contains 63 pages of Art work from the artists of Plant Healer Magazine.

Plant Healer Magazine is the creation of Kiva Rose and Her partner Jesse Wolf Hardin.

Herbalist, wildcrafter, artist, and storyteller, Kiva Rose lives in a canyon botanical sanctuary within the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. She is also the co-director of the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, held each September in the mountain Southwest, coeditor of Plant Healer Magazine, and publisher of the just released historical novel, The Medicine Bear by Jesse Wolf Hardin, and maintains an herbal blog, The Medicine Woman’s Roots.

Jesse Wolf Hardin is the author of 7 books and over 500 published articles, a teacher of Animá nature-inspired practice and cofounder of the Animá Medicine Woman tradition. He and his partners offer empowering online courses, as well as counsel and healing consultations, retreats and Summer events at their botanical sanctuary in the enchanted wildlands of Southwest New Mexico. His work has been praised by luminaries from Gary Snyder, Paul Winter, Edward Abbey and Joanna Macy to Terry Tempest Williams.

For a chance to win this treasured set, leave a comment. For additional chances to win, leave a separate comment for each of the following:

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Sign up by Sunday, December 9, 2012 and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 10, 2012.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Lesli! Her comment was selected via the random selector to win the Cranberry Crane from Mama Roots!

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    What a beautiful collection that would also make a fantastic Holiday gift!
    I can’t believe Plant Healer has been going strong for 3 years. This is awesome

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    such a lovely giveaway. Thank you for offering it !

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    What an awesome giveaway! Always inspired with this publication :)

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    Looking forward to reading this!

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    That magazine looks awesome. I think I’ll ask for that for Christmas!

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    What an amazing giveaway.

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    This would be a great book to curl up with and while away the winter months savoring the wisdom inside.

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    I would adore this and share it with many.

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    Dennis 'Ceinan' Kimbrough

    OOOOhhh I saw the art book in September. I would soooo love this! =)

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    I shall have to keep tight reins on myself if it’s as cool as peeps say. I am hoping it will help me to keep all my herbal Internet finds a bit more organized. I have too many tabs opened on my browser all the time, and too many Bookmarks and Folders in my bookmarks!

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    This give away would be an absolute blessing as I continue to learn about herbs, make herbal medicine and continue this fascinating journey.

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    Ooooooh. That sounds amazing! Herbalism in Frontier America? Yay! You’ve excited my inner history geek. (:

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    I have made a personal commitment to learn more about herbs-primarily medicinal applications-during 2013. This would make an awesome start to my journey–thank you so much! It looks like a beautiful book.

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    So much wonderful information!

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    Hi. My name is Kaia and I’m Maria’s daughter. What I like best about the herbal Roots magazine are the crafts and recipes. Thank you.

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    Jacquie Sue

    This is on my Christmas wishlist…maybe I will just win it instead!!

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    This book look so beautiful and informative!!

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    I was introduced to your magazine at our library (wow!), checked out your website thinking your magazine might be a good gift for my niece, and now I find out about this incredible labor of love. Please enter me in your drawing!

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    I just found out about Plant Healer Magazine while on Kiva Rose’s website earlier tonight, then I popped over here to check out more about Herbal Roots Zine after finding it on completely different site. Wow! Highly impressed by both publications. Would love an opportunity to win a copy of Plant Healer Magazine. Thanks!

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    I follow Herbal Roots on Facebook, on Twiitter, and also follow all of your Pinterest boards. Myself and my four year old daughter would love to receive this gift. We both love plants, gardening, and cooking together with our own grown vegetables and herbs. My daughter, Gia is almost four years old right now. She really loves your e-zine and would love to receive this gift you are offering. We have only gotten one e-zine so far and we both love it. She liked the recipes you put in your e-zine along with the beautiful pictures of flowers that were in that issue (those are her favorites). And I love everything about it; the style of the e-zine, the way it is written, the font, how it is fun for both children and adults of any age, the recipes, and also how the pictures are drawn (my favorites). We want to learn more! My daughter and I would be so grateful to get this gift and gain more knowledge on plants and more! In addition, I shared this great giveaway you are currently offering on my Twitter account, Happy Holidays!

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    I am a follower on twitter and Pinterest. I love your e-zines (the ones that I have gotten so far from Herb Fairies) and will soon be purchasing them for the first time. I just started learning about herbs this summer and love it so much. I am looking forward to learning more and would love to win this amazing giveaway that you are offering. Happy Holidays!!!

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    I purchased your WildCraft Game and my grandkids fell in LOVE with it. We took it with us when we went to visit my youngest daughter and she too fell in love with it. This book would be a Great addition to our growing library on herbs. Most of the books I have are too advanced for Dakota (10) and Harlie (5) to read on their own. I know they would Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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    Sounds like an amazing giveaway!

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    I would love to win this set! It would be something I would treasure!

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    wow – what an amazing giveaway! this is a treasure for any herbalist!

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    I’ve been eye-ing this set for months! But, I just opted to buy YOUR 2010. 2011 and 2012 archives for my kids instead (they always seem to come first!) I would certainly treasure a set like this for myself though. Great work Kristine!

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