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This week I am thrilled to be giving away a bottle of Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary’s Hearth perfume! This is one of my favorite perfumes and it goes perfectly with December’s herb as Vanilla plays a sweet role in the essence of this blend. From Ananda’s listing of Hearth:

“Hearth Opens with the Sunday morning nostalgia of freshly split wood, Balsam Fir needles being crushed for the tinder bundle, and the welcoming warmth of Oakmoss and bark.
Mingling in the heart notes are inviting and homey swirls of flower nectar, spicy woods, and sun-warmed pine resin, reminiscent of evenings by the wood stove sipping homemade jasmine tea in your favorite blanket. Your cozy wool sweater still holds a little bit of campfire smoke and tangled leaves. Warm leather boots settle at the hearth for a night of rest, old bricks display the ceramic decor and still pine cones, and the unsmoked pipe tobacco adorns the mantle – a little offered to the fire for good measure. In the mudroom hangs a favorite handmade bridle and a newly crafted quiver.
Incense Smoke
A classic drydown of Bourbon Vanilla laced with a hint of musk, birch, and juniper kindling bring the wearer back to center, held in a reassuring Autumn embrace.
HEARTH to me is the smell of home. The smell of all that centers around the tending of a wood stove.

The notes combine into one beautiful wreath of perfume casting a protective spell upon the wearer. No one note is overly pronounced, this perfume is subtly complex, steady and loyal, and will adapt and shift with your moods, body temperature, and pheromones.”


Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary is a small artisan line of pure botanical creations made by Ananda Lakshmi Wilson. Each item is carefully crafted completely by hand with an immense amount of creativity, inspiration, love, time, and well over 20 years of skill and practice. Ananda Wilson is the muse behind Amrita Aromatics & Apothecary:

“If you’ve ever sat so still in a favorite tree, watching the busy world go by and felt a peace beyond words. If you’ve ever spent an entire summer day rolling in grass, eating wild berries, stuffing your nose in every wildflower, and watching clouds make shapes and thought to yourself “today feels timeless”. If you’ve ever looked so closely at a flower that you realized there was a whole world existing inside that flower?

That’s what I’m about.

Nature connection and our connection to our bodies and senses is the root of much natural healing and the premise of my herbal work and perfumery. Without relationship to earth, we have no compassion. Without listening and learning the patterns, whims, and rhythms, of Earth as well as our bodies, we have no context for self worth, healthy pleasure, or internal compass for life.

Trees and roots and the nuances of each cycle bring us closer to knowing our own bodies, and help us to uncover keys to deeper health and well being. Sensory experience can be a powerful catalyst for creating new habits, healing old wounds, and dissolving outdated triggers. It is also a powerful way to attach physiological willpower to intentions, goals, and an envisioned future.

Aromatic herbalism is a journey for me, with many curves, caves, waters, and summits. I’m a regular woman too; I have a family, I work hard, and I do my best each day to live fully and consciously. I’m far from perfect and my plant journeys will carry on throughout my life, ever moving, but never quite “arriving”. Plant medicine and plant perfume is my lifestyle; a life-giving paradigm, and a resilient practice, not simply a job. It’s a way. ”

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    Hi, I just found your site through learning herbs! I just signed up for a subscription! I would love to win!

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    I so love both of these herbalists offering!!!

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    Kira Johnston

    Yum-keep hearing all of my facebook friends speak of Anandas work! The HEARTH sounds amazing. Vanilla,oakmoss,fir,birch,juniper,jasmine.This sounds like a devine treat for body & soul…

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    I would love to be entered in your perfume giveaway. :)

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    I shared it. :)

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    I am following on twitter.

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    My daughter says: “I’m almost 7 and just started reading the magazine. I just did the Aloe one, and my friend gave me a whole year of magazines as a present. I really like the crosswords.”

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    Love this!
    Followed on Pinterest.

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    Love all the things in her shop – especially the Roses and Cocoa solid perfume – solid perfumes are so lovely.

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    Signed up for her newsletter too

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    And receive your montly newsletter (it’s fantastic!)

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    My favorite items from her store are the Incense and Embers (Nov. perfume) with Jasmine (yum!) and the ginger/tuberose solid perfume.

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    I also was already a subscriber to her newsletter- hope that counts! :-)

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    I want it I want it I want it!!!

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    I favorited her “medicine woman” scent…Oh yes…I am saving my pennies!

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    Tina Harris

    Very nice looking shop!

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    jakki dodds

    i already get the HRZ newsletter :)

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    jakki dodds

    signed up for her newsletter too :)

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    jakki dodds

    oh gosh, i LOVE all the things in the shop too-especially the idea of a solid perfume you can take with you in a locket-brilliant!!

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    jakki dodds

    also already followed HZR on pinterest!

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    I love all this things in the shop. The solid perfume is such a great idea!

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    Sign me up for the giveaway!

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    Signed up for Plant Journeys’ newsletter!

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    Tracy Wiegman

    Mmmmm…….. this perfume sounds devine……….. this is the first I have heard of Ananda so I will be checking out her shop, thanks ( :

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    Liked the Plant Journeys Facebook page!

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    I would love to chosen for this give away to give your perfume a try.

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    Oooh! Just looking at the Amrita Aromatics shop and LOVING the Rosa Rugosa elixir (–Heart-Healing)! I might need to find a way to make some of this myself…

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    I already follow you on Pinterest (@kacey319)!

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    Melissa M

    Signed up for the newsletter :)

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    Melissa M

    I love the solid perfumes on her site, and have been looking to try a natural perfume :)

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    I am addicted to Ananda’s lovely herbal perfumes and would adore getting another!

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    Melissa M

    I follow HRZ on Twitter :)

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    Melissa M

    …and I follow HRZ on pinterest :)

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    Meiling Colorado

    My favourites are the solid perfume lockets….love the idea!!!

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    Meiling Colorado

    I already receive the news letter, great stuff :)

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    Meiling Colorado

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    Ananda is a scent-making master! I am a big fan of her work!

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    Would love a chance to try this yummy product!
    We love Herbal Roots Zine : )

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    This sounds divine! I would love to try her lovely perfume.

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    I would love to try her LOCKET, SOLID PERFUME :: Roses & Cocoa from her shop!

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    I signed up for the Amrita Aromatics newsletter.

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    I follow you on twitter. @finamoon

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    Ananda is quite the concoctress and plant woman.

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    Mia T.

    This looks delightful :-)

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    This has been a stressful season so far with a lot of family illness and problems. I’m trying to help myself detach from what I can’t affect by eating better, getting enough rest and sometimes indulging in small pleasures. This could be one of them!

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    Toyia H.

    I signed up for the Amrita newsletter!

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    Toyia H.

    I am in LOVE with the locket on the Amrita website that contains ginger- tuberose perfume!

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    I love delicious scents and my 7 year old daughter does too. I’d love to pass this on to her to further her connection to the natural world and healing and being with nature. am signing up for your newsletter, glad to have heard about you.
    thank you.

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    What a delightful find! I am putting Hearth on my wish list for sure. blessings and gratitude!

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    Signed up for Amrita’s newsletter. Looks great.

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    I would love a chance to win this!

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    Just checked out her site. Next to Hearth, I would say The Jasmine Incense and Embers perfume would be my favorite.

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    I would really love a chance to win this. Thank you!

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    Diane Var

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    I just checked out Ananda’s shop. I love the lockets!

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    I would just love to win your giveaway!!!

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    I did a follow on twitter. It would be nice to win.

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    Blessed ME!!

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    Kathryn Chapman

    I don’t often wear perfume due to the fact they mostly stink, but this sounds more my speed.

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    Haley Pratt

    This sounds amazing.

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    Everything sounds very pretty! The lockets are beautiful of course,,especially the LOCKET, SOLID PERFUME :: Ginger ~ Tuberose. I love ginger!

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    i am an email subscriber

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    Herbal Roots Zine email subriber

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    Thank you!! I never buy scents from the store or mall and handmade and natural is the only way to gp!

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    I already get Ananda’s email update! :) Lovely giveaway

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    I also already get the Herbal Roots monthly newsletter! Thanks!

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    My 2 favorite things are Winter Solace stress relief and the Kissy Fit herbal lipbalms. Lip balm is so important in the winter for me, my lips get so dry!

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    I’d have to say I’m most interested in Amrita’s perfume lockets. It’s a beautiful site, but those lockets are simply elegant.

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    Love the Roses and Cocoa solid perfume in her shop. I would love a chance to win this. Thank you!

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    sounds divine!

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    Mary White

    My favorite things so far from Amrita Amoratics are the Predious beauty Face oil! and hearth!!!

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    Mary White

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    Mary White

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    Erin Grover

    Everything you create is so Beautiful. Just makes me happy to imagine all the fragrances.

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