Giveaway Monday – Vanilla Orchid Plants from Larry’s Orchids

***This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to Lucinda & Aribella, they won the grand prize of the Vanilla Orchid pair. Congratulations to Bailey, she won the 2nd prize, 1 orchid from Larry’s Orchids!***LARRYSORCHIDS

This week it is my delight to offer up a set of Vanilla orchid plants from Larry’s Orchids & Tropicals to one lucky winner! This giveaway is for two orchids, one a solid green leaf and the other a variegated variety. Both have the ability to produce edible pods though it may take 10 – 15 years before either will be mature enough to produce any flowers.

photo from

photo from

The solid green leaf Vanilla orchid

This is a native from Mexico to parts of South America and the Caribbean. The flowers are very fragrant and short-lived usually only lasting one day, but are replaced by another the next day.

These are a vining, climbing terrestrial that prefers high humidity, bright indirect light and ample water supplies all year. Keep this orchid warm – above 55 degrees and fertilize once a month. They will grow all year if temperatures are kept high, but their main growth period is in the summer. Larry suggests growing in hanging pots filled with an orchid mix. When the vines reach the ground, drape them back, up and over the pot. This method of growing makes it easy for those that do not have large greenhouses.

This orchid plant is 3-5 inches tall and actively growing in 2.5-pots. They grow very fast. The mature plant will have hundreds of flowers and with hand pollination will produce Vanilla beans.

photo from

photo from

The variegated leaf Vanilla orchid

This is a native from Mexico to parts of South America and the Caribbean. The flowers are very fragrant and short-lived usually only lasting one day, but are replaced by another the next day.

These are a vining, climbing terrestrial that prefers high humidity, bright indirect light and ample water supplies all year. Keep this orchid warm – above 55 degrees and fertilize once a month. They will grow all year if temperatures are kept high, but their main growth period is in the summer. Larry suggests growing in hanging pots filled with an orchid mix. When the vines reach the ground, drape them back, up and over the pot. This method of growing makes it easy for those that do not have large greenhouses.

The Super Variegated Leaf (green & white) Vanilla plant is a 3-4 inch rooted cutting actively growing in a 2.25-inch pot.

Larry and some friends during his travels abroad.

Larry and some friends during his travels abroad.

About Larry and Larry’s Orchids:

Larry’s Orchids is a prime example of a hobby outgrowing itself. In 1986, Our oldest son Larry Jr. purchased a Dendrobium at a local building supply store. When it was finished blooming, instead of throwing it away, he gave it to me and said, “you’re the Biologist – get it to bloom again”. I did get it to re-bloom and thus my Orchid hobby began. I now have a personal collection of over 400 specimen plants from many genera. As a member of both the American Orchid Society and the Michigan Orchid Society I became aware of the number of people in the Orchid hobby. When my personal collection began to outgrow my bench space I sold my doubles on eBay. Surfing the Net I realized this was the easy way to buy different orchids to increase my collection and sell my overstock.

From that single purchase we have now become an Online Nursery and more recently a Michigan Corporation. We grow under glass, lights and during the summer months shade houses. We import flasks, compost, plugs, seedlings and mature plants from the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, South America and Hawaii. We de-flask, repot, and grow the seedlings along with holding the larger plants until they are put up for Auction and/or marketed on eBay and Amazon and our own Web Store.

As a mechanism to create sales numbers more constant year round, in 2009, we introduced into our product line Patio Citrus, Edibles and Tropical Plants. As natural partners to Orchids in many growing conditions etc. this has proven to be a great addition. Orchid sales take a big slump in sales during the warm summer months. Those months however are the time plant buyers are interested in plants for their patio, porch and lanai. The hobbyist ends up parking his orchids under a tree for the summer and really gets into his patio plants. In the fall they are all moved indoors and again the Orchids become the main thrust and the Tropical’s can still fruit and flower inside, up against the door wall. Stocking 30 different varerites of Citrus that are grafted and made for container growing, but producing full size fruit, have us now maintaining our sales numbers all through the warm months. This sales trend also now provides year-long employment for our very dedicated staff.

We have most recently combined our Michigan operation under one 10.000 square foot facility with our Corporate Offices, Northeast Distribution Center and our local Retail/Wholesale Outlet all under a single roof.

I am delighted to be offering some of Larry’s beautiful orchids this week! Larry has extended this giveaway to offer up a single solid green Vanilla orchid as well if we get enough comments on this post. If we get 100 or more comments, there will be 2 winners this week!

If you’d like to show your support for this homegrown business, you can like his Facebook fan page.

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Sign ups end on and I’ll draw the winner on Monday, December 23, 2013 morning. Thanks for entering and good luck!

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    Ohhhh! This is fabulous! I was just looking up vanilla plants, thinking that it would be great to grow one after our studies. The kids are loving the vanilla zine!

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    I grew up in south florida, with a yard full of tropical beauties, so it’s hard to choose from Larry’s plants… they all remind me of my childhood! But, if I had to pick, I’d pick an edible tropical fruit that I could keep in a pot for moving indoors over the winter.

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    Love your work. Such a great resource for us herbal educators. I have been wanting to purchase a vanilla orchid for a while now to add to my collection of species. Such cool plants!

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    Carrie Hura

    I have the perfect spot for these beauties!!! :) I would love to care for them! Thank you!

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    OMG, Larry has citrus trees specifically for containers! Love that! I teach container gardening classes and I will be adding his website to my list of resources. He also offers coffee plants. How cool!

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    This would be lovely…I love flowers!!

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    Lori B.

    I have never seen a real one ever. I bet the smell is amazing!!!

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    orchids love my East window and bloom almost continuously!!!

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    Cindi Vinson

    My grandkids & I LOVE the Wildcraft Game! They both love plants (of all kinds) as much as I do! Larry’s site is great, especially the ugly duckling/orphan plant section. Most of the plants I have collected are from the ugly duckling side. They are all beautiful now!

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    Terena Terry

    We LOVE Vanilla! You have the greatest articles, Thank you!

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    Being stuck in the house in the chilly north all winter a beautiful orchid would be a delight!!!!

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    I checked out Larry’s shop and I’m in love with his Bc. Kosh Wallis Paradise Hybrid Orchid Plant Blooming! It’s GORGEOUS :)

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

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    My son loves the recipes and the word games the most, but he really likes everything from the Zines.

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    Aribella & Lucinda

    Hi there my name is Lucinda and my daughter Aribella (8yr) and I just truly enjoy your passion and wonderful herb info. We enjoy the taste of herbs courses and my 13 yr old son is getting curious too :) we have also have purchased the herb game for Aribella this Christmas.(excited about that!) so yes, I would love to win some lovely orchids for our family, thank you and blessing!

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    Aribella & Lucinda

    P.S. Aribella love Herbalrootszine dandelion activities :)

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    Haley Pratt

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love this.

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    Anne-Marie van Wyk

    Wow! This is such a nice giveaway. I love flowers and plants and it will be great to have your own vanilla pods.
    I love the flavour of vanilla.
    Thank you so much for all the lovely giveaways.

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    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Have had a few orchids through the years but the moves we had to make for jobs usually did them in. Would love to start over again.

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    Signed up on Larry’s page. Although it may take some time before one could partake of the fruit of the orchids, this is worth waiting for!

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    His White Phalaenopsis Winter Sun bright Orchid is just beautiful. I love growing the easy to care for phalaenopsis.

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    Just checked out Larry’s store…I love orchids, can’t get enough.. especially the paphiopedilums! I see you have an Aloe variant (White fox) Looks interesting.

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    I have subscirbed to the Herbal Roots monthy newsletter for several months now… great information…Keep up the good work!

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    How lovely! They would make a wonderful addition to our home. How exciting to see the beans start to grow after many, many years of tending the plant.

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    Brenda N.

    I didn’t know you could grow your own vanilla! Very exciting!

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    Love orchids, would love to own one.

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    Checked out the website and I was really impressed. The Ugly Duckling and Orphaned Plant Rescue Program is a fantastic idea! Excellent selection and I wish I had been there sooner; the Dwarf Citrus tree collection would have made a great Christmas gift for my mother.

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    Oh, how I love plants!!! I would love to win this orchid. It’s the one pant I haven’t ever bought yet.

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    I used to be a member of the University of Illinois Orchid Club but it’s been a while since I’ve had an orchid. This is a great give away.

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    These beautiful orchids would not be for me but for an elderly couple who had to give up their greenhouse business due to high taxes and the township forced them to get rid of the greenhouses but all was not lost. They have a very small 1/2 greenhouse attached to the home and that is where they raise their orchids. It is a very small collection and I know this would be the highlight of their lifes besides their grandchildren because they just love orchids. I just met this couple over the summer and they are a pure delight to be around. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.
    Hi Larry, I am really thrilled about your success, American ingenuity at it’s finest. Best of all, you are supporting your community. How cool is that! I do want to thank you for your generousity.
    Best Regards,

  103. 103

    When I was a little girl in South Miami Florida there was a Dr Floyd Shuttleworth and his sister who lived close by. He would let me walk in his yard where he had hundreds of orchids in his trees. They were beautiful. They were all old orchids no hybrids. The Vanilla Orchid was one of my favorites.

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    I think my favorite think at Larry’s Shop is the Pink velvet hardy banana. It’s really pretty and looks really interesting.

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    I’m 13, and I’m not sure what you mean by favorite activites, but I really like making the stuff. I really liked making dandelion fritters last spring.

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