Giveaway Monday – Eucalyptus Package from Mountain Rose Herbs


This week’s giveaway is for 2 Eucalyptus Herb Packages from Mountain Rose Herbs! Next month at Herbal Roots zine, it will be all about Eucalyptus and this package will get you off on the right start for learning all about it! This package includes 8 oz. organic Eucalyptus leaf and 1 oz organic Eucalyptus essential oil. You’ll be able to make a variety of Eucalyptus related recipes with these two  items! This giveaway is for 2 winners, each winner will receive both items.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

Photo courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is a certified organic processor through Oregon Tilth which is fully accredited with the USDA National Organic Program. Since 1987 they have continuously worked for the advancement of sustainable organic agriculture and state they will continue this lifelong passion into the future. They wholeheartedly recommend discovering the joys to be found in organic food products and the best place to start is right here at Mountain Rose Herbs. From the herbs they offer, to the teas they process and the oils they have distilled.

M0untain Rose also has a great YouTube Channel which offers an amazing amount of tutorials and educational videos, many created by John Gallagher and Rosalee de la Foret of

You can also follow them on their Blog for more information and great Giveaway offers!

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Sign ups end on and I’ll draw the winner on Monday, January 27, 2014. Thanks for entering and good luck!

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    come on lucky eucalyptus!

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    Michele White

    Besides MRH’s excellent herbal and oil selection – I love that I can be confident of the books I get from them. I know each one will be sustainable and healthy in it’s subject matter… My next on my wish list is: Foraging & Feasting
    by Dina Falconi

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    I like the mulling spice recipes on the MRH website. They are different than others I’ve made, and these look delicious and warming to the soul. :)

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    Our family loves HRZ!

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    This is Shelton. I am 11 years old, and I love trying the new recipes every month. My all time favorite was the clove necklaces, but they are all fun.

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    Thanks for all you do.

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    I love using eucalyptus oil and would love to learn more ways to use the dried herb. Thanks!

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    I have been enjoying the tea blends from Mountain Rose Herbs for about 20 years now, they’re the best!

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    I have been using MRH herbs and spices for about 20 years too, I find them to be the freshest available and their service is excellent.

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    I love the Mountain Rose Herb website! I placed an order there last week for bulk dried herbs and seaweed. Also got some of the herbal smoking blend and hoping it helps my boyfriend quit smoking tobacco. :) I always check out the monthly specials.

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    Carla Fuentes

    I love MRH! Their website provides information about their ethical and sustainable practices. They have a variety of herbal products but I especially love their aroma sprays and teas.

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    I just recently started showing interest in these beautiful gum tree. I hope I win some.

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    I LOVE MRH! I’ve bought several things from them. Their facial mask btw is the best I’ve ever tried! I also bought one for a friend that does Colorpuncture and treated me to a session. The other thing I love that they have is Marshmallow Root. I swear there is NOTHING better for heartburn. I have had a peptic ulcer for years and been on medication. Really the only thing that has worked was the Marshmallow Root! It’s some amazing stuff. :)

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