January 15, 2014 Calendar Entry

Good morning! We hope that you enjoyed reading about Lemon’s story, yesterday. Today, we will be heading into the kitchen. We have a wonderful recipe that we are excited to share with you. With a few ingredients and about 20 minutes, your face will be feeling smoother and nourished with Lemon Face Mask. We look […]

January 14, 2014 Calendar Entry

It is wonderful to have you back with us! Have you ever wondered why Lemon Trees have thorns? Why do Lemons taste so sour? You can find out, today! Settle in and get comfortable. Let’s begin reading about Lemon’s lore on page 21. Share what you discover with your friends!

January 10, 2014 Calendar Entry

Did you know that Lemon leaves ooze oil? Lemon fruit contains oil glands, as well. This oil can be used medicinally to soothe sore throats, coughs, fevers, and heartburn. For more information and a diagram to label, turn to the Herbal Botany section starting on page 19.

January 9, 2014 Calendar Entry

  Good morning! Today, we will be making Lemon Bitters. Bitters help aid in digestion and add flavor to drinks or dressings. If you will turn with us to page 26, you will see that the recipe includes several ingredients. Most of these ingredients, you can find at your local natural grocery store. If you […]

January 8, 2014 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed your Hot (or iced) Lemonade yesterday. Are you ready to learn how to write secret messages? Turn to page 31 to learn what you can do with a little bit of juice and a secret ingredient.

January 7, 2014 Calendar Entry

Good morning! What is the weather like in your area? It has been freezing in our neck of the woods for the last few days. We think that some Hot Lemonade would be just the thing to brighten our day and warm our bodies. If you are living in a much warmer place, try iced […]

January 3, 2014 Calendar Entry

Thanks for joining us here at Herbal Roots Zine! Today, we will be heading into the kitchen to make a Lemon Enfleurage. Any guesses about what we will be doing? If you guessed making perfume from Lemon peels, then you are right! If you are living in an area where Lemons grow abundantly, try making […]

January 2, 2014 Calendar Entry

Have you had a chance to look through January’s zine, “Luscious Lemon”? Kristine has created so many beautiful pictures of Lemon for you and your family to enjoy. What is your favorite picture? On page 30, we have provided a space for you and your loved ones to sketch her fruit, flowers, and leaves. We […]

January 1, 2014 Calendar Entry

Happy New Year! Welcome to January! This month, we will be taking a journey to expand our knowledge and deepen our understanding of Lemon. ¬†Thanks for joining us! Today, we are going to start off with a crafting in the kitchen activity. Let’s head on in to make some Lemon Pith & Peel Extract. For […]