December 12, 2012 Calendar Entry

It is time to open our journals today. We are going to write about Nutmeg! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about this versatile plant! What have you enjoyed finding out about Nutmeg this month? What would you share with your friends? We would love to read about your experiences! You can get your […]

December 11, 2012 Calendar Entry

Good morning from all of us at Herbal Roots Zine! We hope that you have had a wonderful Monday, and are looking forward to learning more about Nutmeg. On pages 17-19, you can read about how, with the help a child, the Nutmeg spice as such was found. Share it with your friends! You can […]

Giveaway Monday – Nutmeg and Mace Pendant

This week I am excited to feature a beautiful necklace made from a whole seed of the Nutmeg by Dara of Hieropice. The Nutmeg was brought back to the United States from the island of Zanzibar. To make the pendant, Dara hand-lacquered them, drilled and set them in a lovely brass bail, and hung them from a […]

December 7, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed drawing Nutmeg yesterday. We would love to see what you have created. On page 33, Kristine has drawn a beautiful picture. We hope you like it. Today, we are reviewing what we know about Nutmeg. Turn to page 32 for the crossword puzzle. How many words can you find? You can […]

December 6, 2012 Calendar Entry

We love sharing Kristine’s beautiful drawings with you each month! Today, it’s your turn. From branches to leaves and flowers to seeds, Nutmeg is a delight to study and draw.  Post your pictures on our flickr page. We’d love to see your drawings of Nutmeg!   You can get your own copy of this month’s issue […]

December 5, 2012 Calendar Entry

 Time for  a botany lesson on Nutmeg. Did you know that it takes about 9 years for the Nutmeg Tree to bloom and fruit. From then on, it will continue to bear fruit for about 15 years. Turn to pages 15 and 16 for more information and diagrams that your young ones can label. You can […]

December 4, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you were able to find some Nutmeg Oil. We are sharing a recipe today that uses the oil to help stimulate and relax the body-Nutmeg Massage Oil. It is good for muscle spasms, growing pains, inflamed sciaticas, neuralgia, and muscular joint pain and/or inflammation. We hope you enjoy making connections with your […]