March 13, 2013 Calendar Entry

Today, we are reflecting on what we have been learning and sharing together. We hope that you have been enjoying Slippery Elm! On pages 33 and 34, you will find some space to journal about your experiences this month. How do you feel about Slippery Elm? What would be a fact about Slippery Elm that […]

March 12, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! We hope that you all have had a wonderful start to your week. Don’t forget to enter Monday’s giveaway for a PANACEA First Aid Kit. We will be drawing the winner on Sunday, March 17th. Today, we will be sharing Elm’s story with you. You will learn about how with just a little […]

March 8, 2013 Calendar Entry

Today, we will be sharing with you our recipe for Slippery Elm Vinegar! The vinegar can be used internally, as well as externally. Internally, Slippery Elm Vinegar can help with some digestive issues. If you or someone you care about commonly experience indigestion after meals, try taking some vinegar before sitting down to eat. Externally, […]

March 7, 2013 Calendar Entry

Each month, our family pores over Kristine’s drawings in the zines. When we received our March copy of “Saluting Slippery Elm,” we were in awe. It was hard to turn the cover page to look at all the rest of the drawings. The detailed and colorful work of the Slippery Elm Tree, in itself, is […]

March 6, 2013 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed your Slippery Elm pudding yesterday. Today, we will be learning about botany. If you go looking for Slippery Elm in your area, he will be about 80 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. His bark is reddish-gray to gray. The leaves alternate as you can see in the drawing […]

March 5, 2013 Calendar Entry

What if pudding was actually good for you? Today, we are sharing our recipe for a pudding made with Slippery Elm! Kristine has perfected a yummy and nutritious treat. The pudding is a great way to introduce children to this delicious and healing plant.  They will be asking for more! Slippery Elm has been used to […]

March 1, 2013 Calendar Entry

Welcome to the first day of March! This month we are going to be learning all about Slippery Elm. We hope that you have had a chance to enter the giveaway for Mamaroots’s Wooden Shrew. If not, be sure to enter by March 3. Today, we want to know how you have experienced Slippery Elm. Turn […]