October 12, 2012 Calendar Entry

Review time! What have you learned about Sumac over the last couple of weeks? Check out the crossword puzzle on page 31. Try to not look at the word bank. How many words can you find?   Don’t have this month’s issue yet? Check out this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine for only $7.99: Or, […]

October 11, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed your botany lesson on Sumac yesterday. Today, we are pressing Sumac’s leaves. The plant’s leaves should be fresh, and free of excess moisture. The pressing can be something that you or your children can observe again and again. Especially, as you will see on pages 26 and 27, when there […]

October 10, 2012 Calendar Entry

Time for  a botany lesson on Sumac.  Turn to page 15 to learn all about the plant’s parts. Hopefully, you have found Sumac growing in your area. If not, it may help to know that, in the fall, Sumac leaves turn red. Perhaps, the botany page will help you identify the plant more easily. Let […]

October 9, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed crafting in the kitchen with Sumac over the weekend. If you are interested in the the medicinal properties of Sumac, you are in for a treat today. We are sharing a recipe for Sumac Elixir. It’s perfect for when your body has excess fluids. Sumac Elixir works well for the […]

October 5, 2012 Calendar Entry

As a special treat for all of our subscribers, Kristine is sharing her recipe for Rhus Juice today. Rhus juice is a great source of Vitamin C that can offer an alternative to lemonade. I know I can’t wait to try it! Sumac is sour, and medicinal too! The berries act as an astringent and […]

October 4, 2012 Calendar Entry

It is really fun to create songs with you! Today, we’re going to learn a new song inspired by Sumac written by Kristine. See page 19 for all of the lines. If you have a line or chorus, please feel free to add it. Here are the first five lines (sung to the tune of […]

October 3, 2012 Calendar Entry

We hope that you enjoyed filling out the first part of your Herb Spirits section in the zine yesterday. Some people may have a lot of experience with Sumac; whereas, others not so much. If you are having a little trouble finding it in your area, here are some good facts to know. Sumac grows […]

October 2, 2012 Calendar Entry

Welcome to October from all of us at Herbal Roots Zine! We hope that you have had a chance to enter the giveaway. If not, be sure to enter. Throughout October, we will be learning about Sumac. To get started, we want to know how you feel about this plant. What are your experiences and […]