October 4, 2013 Calendar Entry

photo by rosalee de la foret Today, we are beginning our Crampbark Extract. When muscle cramps, spasmodic coughs, or stressors begin to get the better of you, using the extract externally or internally will give you some much needed relief. To get started, turn to page 25 for the recipe and recommended dosages.

September 18, 2013 Calendar Entry

The rains have moved into our area. It is that time of year when the seasons are changing. Temperatures are decreasing, as the sun shines his light more directly on another part of the world. Jeans and long sleeve t-shirts are becoming part of our daily lives again. With the cooler air, sometimes congestion and […]

September 12, 2013 Calendar Entry

For those of you who move around in nature, you may have come across Poison Ivy in your adventures. Sometimes, you may not notice the signs of your interaction for a few days. Your skin may start to itch. Shiny bumps start to appear. The bumps may even spread to other parts of your body. […]

September 10, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! Today, we will learn about how to make our very own New England Aster Tea. ¬†Our family loves to drink tea during times of sickness. It can be very healing for even the youngest of us. NEA Tea helps soothe sore throats and relieve fevers. In a few weeks, when your New England […]

September 6, 2013 Calendar Entry

Let us begin the first herbal craft of the month! We hope that you have found some New England Aster flowers and leaves in the last few days. NEA is a friend to the lungs, and helps those who struggle with asthma, allergies, coughs, and congestion. Today, we will be using her flowers and leaves […]

August 30, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! If you started your Milk Thistle Extracts 4 weeks ago, then they might be ready to use today! How does your extract look? How does it smell? Taste? Remember to leave the Milk Thistle seeds in the jar for a stronger extraction. You can get your own copy of this month’s issue of […]

August 2, 2013 Calendar Entry

Ready for the first recipe of the month? Turn to page 27 to learn all about how to make Milk Thistle Extract. Milk Thistle acts as an anti-depressant, appetite stimulant, and antioxidant. She brings healing and protection to the liver. She even acts as a galactogogue. Some lactating women find that Milk Thistle increases milk […]

July 17, 2013 Calendar Entry

If you have been feeling restless or anxious lately, you may want to turn to page 23. On that page, you will find an ingredient list, instructions, and dosage suggestions for California Poppy Tea. The tea helps calm nerves and ease minds. A little local honey will help sweeten the tea’s bitter taste. After trying […]

July 11, 2013 Calendar Entry

Essence. Take a moment to meditate on the word and what it means to you. By definition, an essence is the most significant aspect of a living body. Without it, the person, animal, or plant would cease to be recognizable as an individual being. There would, simply, be nothing there. The light would be no […]

July 9, 2013 Calendar Entry

Among its many uses, the root of the California Poppy works wonders with toothaches. Her numbing properties give much needed relief to irritated teeth. Turn to page 26 for more information. You can get your own copy of this month’s issue of “Carefree California Poppy” right here: Or, you can¬†subscribe for an entire year of […]