September 28, 2012 Calendar Entry

We have been exploring Prunella for several weeks. We recorded our thoughts about this plant on page 7 of the zine. Now, it is time to check out the second part of the Herbal Spirits on page 8. How have your answers changed? How did they stay the same? What activities did your family participate […]

September 4, 2012 Calendar Entry

  Happy September! We hope that you have had a chance to enter the giveaway. If not, be sure to enter by September 9th. You could win a Prunella pendant from Mulberry Mudd! To begin learning about Prunella, we are going to turn to the Herb Spirits page in the zine. We want to know […]

August 3, 2012 Calendar Entry

  We have been thinking about Basil for a couple of days. Some people may have years of experience, whereas others may just be discovering the herb this month. Today, we are putting our thoughts on paper. Check out the Herb Spirits page in your zine, and record what thoughts you have about this plant. […]