From time to time, I post articles and more information on a topic from Herbal Roots Zine. You can find those articles in this section. All the past newsletters are listed here as well, simply click on the link and it will take you to that newsletter.


Make A Pocket Herbarium

Elderberry vs. Pokeberry

Glossary of Terms and Actions

How to Teach Kids to Use Herbs: Part I

How to Teach kids to Use Herbs: Part II

Monthly Newsletters:

When Life Gives you Violets, Make Jelly!

Rosie Tea Party

Dyeing with St. John’s Wort

Sage Advice

Got Cold Feet?!

What’s So Balmy About February?

That Stings! The Joy of Nettles

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Clover Right Over!

Just Relax!

Cool as a Cucumber?

Practical Primrose

I Just Dyed!

Crafty Clove

Slathered in Seaweed

Bengay?! No way, Use Birch!

Clingy Cleavers Cleanses! (say that 5 times fast!)

An Apple (Elixir) A Day

Curiosity Crazed the Cat, Rolling in Catnip Calmed Him Stat

Do You Have Enough Thyme?

Just a Spoonful of Basil (Syrup)

What Heals All and Makes a Great Dye Too?

Super Sour Sumac Surprises the Senses

Not Your Usual Cranberry Sauce

That’s Using Your Nog(gin)

Onion as Medicine?!

Slip Sliding Away with Slippery Elm

Carefree California Poppy

Breathe Easy Much Faster with New England Aster

Ode to the Oak

Kids Can Make Fire Cider Too! 

Take a Deep Breath…Ahhh, Eucalyptus!

Wondrous Witch Hazel

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  1. 1

    Yes, I am interested in receiving more information. Love your Herbal Roots Zine idea!

    And . . . the links to Make a Herbarium & Elderberry vs. Pokeberry are not working.

  2. 2

    sorry about the broken links, they are fixed now!