Crafty Clove

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Moms, treat yourself this holiday season! You deserve some self love, you have the toughest job on Earth! I want to introduce to you a wonderful new monthly program a friend of mine created, the Lady Slipper’s Ring. In Ananda’s own words:

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~ Pre-public notice of all offerings from Plant Journeys/Amrita Apothecary

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I have just joined the ring and all I can say is WOW! I am excited and thrilled to be a part of this! Each month is packed full of simple, rewarding things to do to make you feel better about yourself and open yourself up to the true potential you really have. It’s like a big hug delivered to your mailbox, followed by a gentle massage and a light, loving caress. Each month you’ll receive suggestions and tasks to do that open up your mind and heart without being overwhelming. I’m already in love with this amazing journey of self worth and herbal love. If you are feeling a bit down, lost, misguided or burnt out, the Lady’s Slipper Ring is perfect for you!

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Want to plan ahead for next year’s plants? Now you can with the  2012 wall calendar from Herbal Roots zine! Each month features a beautiful watercolor drawing of that month’s herb, a bit of information on the healing qualities plus a recipe, craft or remedy for that herb that will not be published in Herbal Roots zine! This will make a great holiday gift for all your budding herbalists! For more information, to preview each month and purchase go to our shop.

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Ready to make some fun holiday gifts? Clove necklaces are creative, easy to make and unique. Clove necklaces impart a delightful smell when worn! There are many ways to string them up on a necklace and they will last for years if you treat them well. Over time the ‘ball’ which is actually the flower petals will fall off the stem so keep that in mind when designing your necklace.

*Whole cloves (buy in bulk at your local health food store or see resources for online sources)

*Bamboo or silk thread (thicker than normal thread, look for this in the yarn section of your craft store, most likely near the knitting needles and crochet hooks)


*Clasp or button




*Optional additions: beads, stones, shells that can be strung

Begin by putting your cloves into a saucepan and add enough water to cover. Carefully heat on the stove at a low simmer for about 3-5 minutes. Test one for softness, you may need to simmer them longer.

While your cloves are softening, decide on the design you’d like to make. Here are a few ways you can string up the cloves.

Single strand:

Double strand (these require you to string the cloves twice to keep them straight. Notice the location of the thread):
 Once the Cloves have softened in the simmering water, place the strainer in the sink and pour the Cloves and water into the strainer. Be careful, the water will be hot and steam will rise up!

Decide how long you want your necklace. Add about 4” on to the length for tying your clasps. Begin stringing your Cloves and beads if you are using them in the order you’ve decided. It may help to arrange them on a table top before stringing in the pattern you would like them. When you begin stringing the Cloves, leave a 2” tail of thread on the end. It might be helpful to tie a large knot about 2” up the string to remind you to stop. If you are using a button, you can tie the button onto the end before you begin.

If you are doing a double row you will put your needle further down on the stem for the first row. You will also need to cut 2 pieces of thread the same length. After you have completed the first row, repeat with the second row on the opposite end of the Clove.

Once you have your Cloves strung, you can keep the two threads together by knotting sections to the end of each side.

Tie your clasps onto the ends of the thread, measuring where you would like the necklace to hang. You might need a helper to get the placement and measurements just right. If using a button, create a loop that will go over the button snugly on the end.

Want to learn some more great things you can do with Clove and how to use Clove for medicine? Check out this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine where you’ll find all sorts of recipes, crafts, games, puzzles, songs, stories and fun using Clove! You can purchase it for only $7.99:

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