May 2011 – Nettles

This month is all about one of my all time favorite herbs, Nettles. While those in the main stream world may think herbalists are a bunch of nuts to revere such a potentially painful plant, those in the herb world know the sting isn’t all that bad and is actually beneficial!

One of many highly nutritious herbs, Nettles is often sought out and even intentionally planted so the one tending the planting can reap the benefits. Those with kidney and liver problems will soon find an ally in Nettles as he has an affinity for these organs as well as the muscles.

This month, you’ll learn all about the many benefits of Nettles, how to eat him (the sting goes away when he is cooked) and the best preparations as a medicinal herb.

May Table of Contents:

Note to Parents

Calendar of Activities for the Month

Herb Spirit: How Do You See Nettles?

All About…Nettles

Scramble, Search and More: Word Search, Find the Differences, Multiple Choice

Herbal Lore: How Nettles Got His Sting

Songs and Poems

Herbal Recipes: Nettles Pesto, Nettles Pasta, Steamed Nettles, Nettle Vinegar, Nettle Infused Oil, Nettle Infusions

Coloring Page

Herbal Crafts and More: Pressing Nettles, Get to Know Nettles (Through Art)

Maze: Find Your Way to the Nettles Patch

Herbal Journal: Record your journey with Nettles

Crossword Puzzle

Resource Page

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