Easy Kelp Puzzle


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3 Responses to “Easy Kelp Puzzle”

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    Éléonore Poirier

    That was fun!

    I’ll go do the other ones!

  2. 2

    it was kind of fun but i dont see haw making kelp can teach you about it i think it should at least after you are done have a think to read about it but also i like the emails it sends me its fun to learn my mother takes me out side and teaches me about roots,plans, and all other sorts of stuff and i find it very fun i and my two other sisters are home schooled and learn a lot from are mother and one of the many things we learn is about herbs,plants, and roots and this adds on to the list it is my favorite thing to do in school so i am very happy

  3. 3

    I am pregnant and when I’m taking a break/before a nap, I enjoy doing a puzzle. It’s calming and the artwork is beautiful;)

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