April 11, 2014 Calendar Entry

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For a tasty liver tonic, try Chicory Root Syrup? It helps to clear toxins and encourage bile flow aiding in digestion. The syrup even helps to stimulate the appetite. Turn to page 30 for the recipe! With such a yummy and healthy syrup, be prepared to share the recipe and some Chicory knowledge with your family and friends.

April 10, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Today, let’s open up our journals! You will find some journal space on pages 45 and 46 in your zine. For today’s journal entry, describe Chicory. If you were to take a magnifying glass and held it up to his stem, leaves, and flowers, what would you observe about them? Notice the image above. What kind of herb do you see in the picture? How is Chicory different from Dandelion? How is he the same? We look forward to reading your comments!

Free Herb Fairies Cook Book

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Outside, the weather is delightful! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the peepers are peeping and every where I look, there are splashes of green. Soon that green will be accented with highlights of yellow Dandelion flowers and purple Violet flowers! That can only mean one thing, spring is here and Herb Fairies is back!!

For those of you new to Herbal Roots zine, you may not have heard of Herb Fairies. Herb Fairies is an awesome set of 13 books that will teach kids all about the medicinal uses of herbs in a fun way, just like Herbal Roots zine! It’s a great companion to HRz, in fact, subscribers of Herb Fairies will get a newly revised issue of HRz that corresponds with each Herb Fairies story.

In addition to the stories, there are all sorts of fun activities and recipes that enhance the herbal learning experience. Today I am sharing one of these recipes, a recipe for Dandelion Tea!


You can click on the image below to download your free PDF of Dandelion Tea. If you’d like to get the entire cook book and learn more about Herb Fairies, you can go to their website here.


April 9, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Did you know that Chicory is not only medicinal but nutritional too? Chicory contains Vitamin A (as well as C, E, and K), Folate, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Calcium, Choline, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Zinc! To think that most people think he is a common weed. Try some of his leaves for yourself! Turn to page 36 for our Creamed Chicory Greens Soup recipe. In about an hour or so, the soup will be ready. We’re sure you will be ready too for such a hearty taste! Bon appetit!

April 8, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Good morning! It is so good to see you at Herbal Roots Zine! What do you think of the giveaway from yesterday? Can you believe that our friends at Attar Herbs and Spices are gifting us with 2 half pound packages of roasted Chicory root to give away to one of our lucky readers? There’s still time to sign up to win, if you haven’t done so already. Kristine will be drawing the winner on March 14, 2014.

For today, open your zine to page 28. At the bottom of the page, you will see a small, rectangular box. What’s inside? It’s “Ode to Chicory”! First, read the poem to yourself then out loud. Pay close to attention to the rhyme scheme. What’s the pattern of the rhyme? When you are ready, recite the poem to a loved one. Can you say it by heart? If you wish, add two more lines to the poem. You can post them below or as a comment on our facebook page. Enjoy!

Giveaway Monday – Chicory Package from Attar Herbs & Spices

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***Congratulations to: Jakki Dodds and Tracy (& her son Eric) Stringer! They are the winners of last week’s giveaway!***


This week I am delighted to give away a 2 half pound packages of roasted Chicory root from Attar Herbs & Spices! Roasted Chicory root makes an excellent beverage on its own or can be blended with coffee or other herbs for a delicious liver cleansing decoction any time of the day! We have plenty of recipes in this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine to get you started with this treat!


About Attar Herbs & Spices:

Since 1969 Attar Herbs & Spices has been a leading supplier of herbs, spices and essential oils throughout the country.   They have developed trusted relationships that ensure exceptional ingredients.  They grind from whole spices and hand blend in small batches to ensure the freshest quality.   Spice Up Life is more than just a groovy tagline, it is their Mission and life philosophy.  At Attar Herbs & Spices, they think that life should be as full of flavor as our food.  By utilizing the herbal gifts that Mother Nature has graciously shared with us, you too can Spice Up Life for you and those you love!

Attar Herbs & Spices is a family owned and a family run business. Founded by Dick Martin, Melissa, her husband Erik and their three children took over the business in 2010.


You can follow Attar Herbs & Spices on Facebook at

Want a chance to win this awesome package from Attar Herbs & Spices? Leave a comment! For more chances to win, leave a separate  comment every time you do one of the following:

-if you’re a kid, tell me how old you are and what your favorite Herbal Roots zine activities are

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Sign ups end on and I’ll draw the winner on Monday, April 14, 2014. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Rules of this giveaway:

-You must follow entry rules for each comment for your comment to qualify. For example, if we ask for you to pin the giveaway and you have, please leave your pinterest name in comments so we can find your pin with the correct hash tags listed.

-If you’ve won a giveaway within the last 6 months, please refrain from signing up for the current giveaway so that everyone can have a chance to win! Winners from the last 6 months giveaways will be automatically removed if they leave comments.

-Contest is open internationally unless otherwise mentioned.

-”Liking” Attar Herbs and/or Herbal Roots zine on Facebook does not qualify as an entry (due to Facebook’s rules and regulations). We are thrilled if you like us but please don’t mention that in the comments as part of the requirements for signing up for the giveaway.

April 4, 2014 Calendar Entry

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We hope that you have found some Chicory flowers! Today, we’re going to be making a Chicory crown! To begin, turn to page 42 for the supply list and directions. Once you get started, the crown will be ready in a few short moments. Where will you wear your crown? Will you be yourself or pretend that you are part of a fairy world? We can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing your crown!

April 3, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Let’s turn to pages 45 and 46. It’s journal time! What is the first sentence that you would write about Chicory? What do you think of his taste? We are looking forward to reading your comments below or on our facebook page!

April 2, 2014 Calendar Entry

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What is Chicory’s botanical name? Turn to the All About Chicory section on page 9 to find out! Then try to make as many words as you can out of the letters. How many words did you write down? Post the words in the comments section below or on our facebook page! Let’s see how many words we can make together!

April 1, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Welcome to April! Our herb this month is Chicory. Have you seen him about? Look for plants with blue to purple flowers and leaves with a hairy underside. If you find him and can gather his roots, you will be well on your way to begin making your very own Chicory Extract! The extract is an excellent bitter and is used for digestive issues. People also use it to stimulate bile production and clear the liver.When you are ready, turn to page 29 for the the recipe. Remember to shake the extract daily. After 4 weeks, return to this page for the recommended dosages.

If you are having trouble finding some Chicory roots, head on over to Mountain Rose Herbs. The company has some available at