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[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 34 – Herbal Resolutions for 2015

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Your deepest roots are in nature.  No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation. 

– Charles Cook

It’s the last day of 2014 and time for reflection on the past year as well as insight for the upcoming year.

Many made a commitment to themselves and their children this past year to learn about herbs and teach them to their children. The outpouring of emails in my inbox have been overflowing with stories from families returning to the old ways of medicine, using herbs that grow out of this amazing planet we all call home. Still others are just now joining in, determined that this will be the year they take the leap and learn about them with their children.

Wherever you are on your herbal journey, make a resolution/goal/intention to deepen that path more fully this year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

~ Commit to 1 or 2 herbs to focus on this year. This is especially helpful if you get overwhelmed with trying to learn about herbs for the first time. Choose a back issue or two of Herbal Roots zine that appeals to you and focus on them for the entire year instead of a month. Make every imaginable herbal remedy with that plant, even if it’s never been done before. How will you know the plants full range of use if you don’t try them all out? It’s better to know 5 herbs intimately than 50 superficially, you will have a better success rate at healing your friends and family with this method than trying to learn it all. Over time, that knowledge base will increase to knowing 50 plants intimately.

~ Pick a plant family to learn about this year. Learning about the details of a plant family can help in so many ways. For instance, when you’re wildcrafting or on a nature walk, you can learn to identify spot a member of that plant family even if you don’t know the specific genus and/or species. By doing so, you will know the major medicinal characteristics of that plant family. Thomas Elpel goes into detail in his botany books Shanleya’s Quest (and card game) and Botany in a Day.

~ If you haven’t already, start a nature/herbal journal. List the plants that grow in your backyard, write down the plants you want to grow in your garden this year, sketch pictures of the house plants or the skeletal remains of plants outdoors. This is a great time to do tree bark rubbings too and try to learn to identify trees by their bark. Commit to 10 minutes a day, or start with 3 days a week to write in your journals. Be sure to have a journal for each member of your family, even little ones who can’t write. They will enjoy tagging along, “writing” in their journals and “sketching” the plants too. Need some ideas on what to put in your nature/herbal journal? I’ve got lots of great ideas here.

~ Start a herbal study group in your community, whether it be homeschool, church, scouts or to the public in general. Learning together strengthens your resolve to actually take the time to study instead of adding it to the bottom of each day’s to do list that never gets crossed off.

~ If all of these things seem overwhelming, start small. Just make a commitment to go outside every day, rain or shine, for 10 minutes. Take a walk around the yard, block or through the garden to see what’s going on. How are the plants responding to the weather changes? What can you discover even when everything is under 6 inches of snow? You will be amazed at your discoveries. Over time, you might feel moved to write these observations down. You might also find that though you only intended to be outside for 10 minutes, an hour has gone by and the kids are building rafts to float down a nearby stream out of bark or picking rose hips to nibble on while they roll out snowballs to make a snow man. Generally, that first step is all it takes to open the door. Kids are more likely to go outside if you make the commitment to go yourself.

How about you, what are your goals/intentions/resolutions for this upcoming year? Have you made a commitment to get your kids outside, exploring nature and the plants more this year? Are you offering any classes for your homeschool group, church group or scouting group this year? Will you choose a few plants to focus on this year?  How do you plan to add herbal knowledge to you and your kids’ everyday life? Take a few moments to consider what herbal resolutions you have for 2015. When you’re done,  I’d love to hear about it, tell me in the comments!

Giveaway Monday – Bay Laurel Package from Mountain Rose Herbs

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This week, we are giving away a package full of herbally goodness, perfect for your month of creating herbal remedies with next month’s herb, Bay Laurel (the issue comes out on January 1, 2015!).

This packages contains:

4 oz organic Bay Laurel leaf


1 oz organic beeswax


(2) 2 oz salve tins


(1) 20 oz cork bottle AND (1) 4 oz cork bottle


(1) 1 oz cobalt blue OR amber glass dropper bottle

blue-dropper-bottle or amber-dropper-bottle

With this awesome package, you’ll have containers to store your salves, vinegars, and oils while having plenty of Bay Laurel leaves to make them with (and some beeswax to help with your salve making)!

Mountain Rose Herbs is a certified organic processor through Oregon Tilth which is fully accredited with the USDA National Organic Program. Since 1987 they have continuously worked for the advancement of sustainable organic agriculture and state they will continue this lifelong passion into the future. They wholeheartedly recommend discovering the joys to be found in organic food products and the best place to start is right here at Mountain Rose Herbs. From the herbs they offer, to the teas they process and the oils they have distilled.

M0untain Rose also has a great YouTube Channel which offers an amazing amount of tutorials and educational videos, many created by John Gallagher and Rosalee de la Foret of

You can also follow them on their Blog for more information and great Giveaway offers!

Love Mountain Rose Herbs? You can show your support by ‘liking’ them on Facebook. Tell them Herbal Roots zine sent you!

Want a chance to win this awesome package from Mountain Rose Herbs? Leave a comment, telling us if you’d prefer cobalt blue or amber for your dropper bottle color! For more chances to win, leave a separate comment every time you do one of the following:

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Sign ups end on and I’ll draw the winner on Monday, January 5, 2015. Thanks for entering and good luck!

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 33 – Chipotle Flourless Cake Recipe

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All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.

– Helen Hayes

This is our last week of Cayenne and then we’ll be moving on to Bay Laurel so I thought I’d share a family favorite. This recipe was given to me by my sister and not only is it delicious but it’s gluten free and has just enough heat to make it interesting but not so much that kids won’t love it.


Because of the season, I like to cut out a snowflake to place on top while I dust it with powdered sugar but at other times of the year I adapt it for over holidays as well (hearts for Valentine’s day, tulips for spring, a spiraling sun for summer, leaves for autumn…). It is quick and easy to make as well.

Chipotle Flourless Cake
by Kim Anderson

7 tablespoons butter
10 oz semi or bitter sweet chocolate

1 cup demerara sugar
5 large eggs

3/4 teaspoon powdered chipotle*
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon*
1/4 teaspoon ginger*
a pinch of sea salt*

powdered sugar

Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom of a 9″ spring form pan. Coat the sides of the pan and the parchment paper with butter. Set aside.

Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan over low heat, stirring. When it has completely melted, set aside.

Mix together the sugar and eggs, on high speed in a mixer until smooth. When the chocolate mixture has cooled, slowly start drizzling it into the mixer until the entire mixture is combined.

Add the spices and stir to mix.

Pour into the pan and bake for 22 – 25 minutes until the center passes the clean toothpick test.

Set on a wire rack to cool. Release from the spring form pan, place on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar. If you want to create a beautiful design, place a paper template on the top of the cake and sprinkle lightly. Carefully remove the paper template (I use a wide spatula to help lift it off, this is also a great job for the kids to help with as extra hands makes it easier to move away from the cake).

Serve up as is, with freshly whipped cream, or homemade ice cream (vanilla, cinnamon or cayenne are perfect compliments). For extra deliciousness, enjoy with a hot mug of Spicy Cocoa!

Happy Holidays!

*Need a source for your herbs? I choose Mountain Rose Herbs whenever possible!

Giveaway Monday – Cayenne Teacup from Mulberry Mudd

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This week I am delighted to give away this beautiful Cayenne teacup from Mulberry Mudd. This one of a kind handmade ceramic teacup features Cayenne and is perfect for serving up your favorite cup of herbal tea or steaming cup of nourishing bone broth.


This beautiful teacup is handless and rests comfortably in your hands. One side of the tea cup features a Cayenne fruit while the other side features Cayenne and his flowers.


This teacup holds approximately 16 oz. I think this is my favorite yet! I can just imagine sipping a warm cup of  spicy hot cocoa with cayenne out of this cup! How about you? What would be your favorite drink in this cup?

About Rebekah:


Artist and herbalist Rebekah Dawn has been walking with the plants for as long as she can remember. A life long love has translated into passionate study of herbal lore that has deepened and grown through the years. She currently lives with her family at Labyrinth Gardens, a United Plant Saver Botanical Sanctuary, where she gives monthly plant walks and medicine making workshops. When she is not in the garden or wild-crafting she is most likely in her ceramic studio. Rebekah is the Teen Camp Coordinator for the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference.

Be sure to stop by to check out her other items in her store. She makes beautiful Herbal Faeries, pendants, birdhouses, mugs and more! She also does custom orders so if you have a special ally or idea, convo her with questions! There may be a few other one-of-a-kind pendants featuring past Herbal Roots herbs as well! Rebekah uses naturally found elements in nature combined with clay to create these amazing pieces. Her sculptures are amazing, incredibly original and just plain wonderful. I fall in love with each one she creates.

Each piece in Rebekah’s store is original in every way, she uses no molds or reproductions ever. A percentage of her profits go to Tree Sisters and Radical Joy for Hard Times each month, and the rest builds her own Botanical Sanctuary at Labyrinth Gardens.

You can become a fan of Mulberry Mudd on Facebook if you would like to do so.

If you’d like a chance to win this one of a kind Cayenne tea cup, leave a comment below. For more chances to win, you can leave a separate comment each time you advertise this giveaway by:

-Kids, you get 1 extra point for being a kid! Leave a comment telling me how old you are and what you like best about Herbal Roots zine.

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Sign ups end and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 29, 2014. Good luck!

[Herbal Rootlets] No. 32 – Fun Herbal Games for Kids

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The physical exercise and emotional stretching that children enjoy in unorganized play is more varied and less time-bound than is found in organized sports. Playtime—especially unstructured, imaginative, exploratory play—is increasingly recognized as an essential component of wholesome child development.” 

― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Blustery cold days, stuck in the house, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the holidays…sound like your household? Why not whip up a batch of spicy hot cocoa and break out the herbal games for the kids to play? It’s a great time to snuggle, enjoy everyone’s company and distract kids from the countdown.

There are some great herbal games to be found, here are our favorite fun herbal games for kids!

Herbal Games


Herbal Bingo
This is a free template I made up a few years ago to share with all my herbal loving friends. You can download it directly from our website, print it off onto card stock, cut out the pieces and grab a handful of pennies.


This game is a hit wherever we take it! Kids and adults alike love to play this cooperative board game. It has a delightful storyline, encourages self sufficiency and teaches about herbs. The game cards can be used separately as flash cards as well. And right now, you can grab it from Amazon for a great price with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.


Shanleya’s Quest Card Game
I feel that botany is an important part of learning about herbs. Learning plant families can help kids learn to identify plants in the wild as well as learn to identify what unknown plants can be used for. There is also a great little book that goes along with the card set to teach plant families as well.

Garden Games
While not specifically herbal related, these great games teach kids about the importance of growing plants.

BG_Cover Set up

Gathering A Garden Board Game
This game contains no plastic pieces, has beautiful colors and sweet illustrations. The characters move around the board and try to collect one item from each of the five categories for their garden. 


The Garden Game
I could gaze at this beautiful game board all day. It’s very attractive to children too. The object of the game is to plant the largest garden and save the most seeds but during the game, players plant seeds, take care of the plants, have harvest festivals, nourish the earth and help one another during natural disasters. 


Photo by Living Earth Games

Living Landscapes
This is a cooperative card game from Living Earth Games that teaches about permaculture gardening, teaching children how every part of the landscape is connected to its surroundings. I love the idea of teaching children permaculture techniques as it is a more natural way of gardening and teaches companion planting. This is a basic card deck as well that can be used for playing card games. 

Photo by Living Earth Games

Photo by Living Earth Games

Gaia’s Garden
Also from Living Earth Games, this is another cooperative game to teach how plants and insects work together to create a balance in the garden. 

Photo by Living Earth Games

Photo by Living Earth Games

One Seed
The newest from Living Earth Games, this cooperative game teaches plant life cycles! All the players help to grow a healthy plant out of seed into a plant , through the 7 growing steps and again into new seed.


Physical Games
Got a great romper room area and more than a couple kids who want to work off some energy? Try one of our herbally adapted interactive games!

What games do your kids like to play? Have you adapted any regular games to help teach about herbs? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear about it and would love to share it on our games page.

Giveaway Monday – Tea Blends from Morgan Botanicals

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***THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Congratulations to Christina Moore, she is the winner of this week’s giveaway!***

This week we are giving away 2 of Morgan Botanicals’ Herfusion! teas: Spiked Cacao and Turmeric Tea. One lucky winner will get both of these teas! The Spiked Cacao makes a deliciously warming hot cocoa, great for after a day of play in the snow. Turmeric tea is also mixed with milk and makes a soothing nighttime tea that is known as Golden Milk.

Jessica hand-blends her delicious fusions of Mother Earth’s herbal goodness into unique, wholesome, natural brews.


Spiked Cacao

Rich, raw cacao fused with vitalizing herbs & spiked with spice brings delicious excitement to your cuppa.


Stir a tsp. into a mug of gently warmed milk of choice. Enjoy a splash of honey or sweetener for extra yumminess! This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are pregnant, nursing or on medication check with your health advisor prior to use.


Handmade with Raw Cacao, Marshmallow Root, Astragalus Root, Eleuthro, Hawthorn Berry, Vanilla Bean, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Cayenne.


Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is magical when it’s woven with spices–rich, warm, comforting.


Stir a tsp. into a mug of gently warmed milk of choice. Enjoy a splash of honey or sweetener for extra yumminess! This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are pregnant, nursing or on medication check with your health advisor prior to use.


Handmade with Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cayenne & Vanilla Bean.


About Morgan Botanicals:

Morgan Botanicals is a small handmade company owned and operated by Jessica Morgan; Community Herbalist and Environmental Horticulture and Crop Science Graduate.


About Jessica Morgan:

Jessica Morgan is an herbalist, horticulturist and crop science graduate; a certified CA master gardener and junior master gardener teacher, as well an obsessed plant photographer, avid forager and wild foodie. Jessica has been a practicing herbalist for over 20 years (self taught and mentored) and has completed a three year course of herbal study under Michael and Lesley Tierra at the East West School of Herbology. Her continuing education includes all aspects of the science and art of Herbalism including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Ayurveda, Vitalism and Botany, as well as, Nutrition and Aromatherapy.

Jessica’s lifelong passion for herbology, holistic nutrition, and gardening has led her to develop Morgan Botanicals where she shares her knowledge of plants and helps people reconnect with the healing powers of the plant kingdom. Jessica offers a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, herbal mentoring, children’s classes, plant walks, wellness consultations, custom blends and garden and crop advice.

Be sure to check out Jessica’s free resources for kids on her website.

Love Morgan Botanicals? You can show your support by ‘liking’ them on Facebook. Tell them Herbal Roots zine sent you!

Want a chance to win this awesome tea set from Morgan Botanicals? Leave a comment and tell us when you would enjoy a cup of one of these delightful blends! For more chances to win, leave a separate  comment every time you do one of the following:

-Kids, you get 1 extra point for being a kid! Leave a comment telling me how old you are and what you like best about Herbal Roots zine.

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Sign ups end and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 22, 2014. Good luck!


[Herbal Rootlets] No. 31 – A Wintertime Treat Kids Will Love!

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If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.

-Rachel Carson

This time of year often casts a sense of wonder over children. The wonders of winter are upon many of us and often bring back our own memories of childhood.

Watching snowflakes fall from the sky, sticking their tongues out to catch a flake, laughing when a large flake lands on their eyelashes.

Icicles hanging along the edge of a roof can provide hours of entertainment, from breaking them off and watching them shatter on the sidewalk to eating them like popsicles.

Building snowmen and snow forts and snowballs. Sledding and snowball fights. Snow angels in the snow.

Sliding on a frozen pond. Chopping a hole in the pond to see how deep the ice is.

So much fun and joy! Even we adults still enjoy these activities (once we get past the grumbling of how cold it is and bundle up before trudging outside).

Such wild and joyous activities often warm our hearts but chill our bones so when it’s time to head back inside, have a warming cup of Spicy Hot Cocoa waiting. Marshmallows are optional!

It’s so delicious, you’ll want to make this recipe a winter time tradition.


Spicy Hot Cocoa

1 quart water
3 – 3” cinnamon sticks broken up
3 slices fresh ginger root
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup honey
1 pinch cayenne
Freshly whipped cream
Powdered cinnamon

Place the cinnamon sticks and ginger root in a pot with the water and bring to a boil. Simmer for 4-5 minutes then turn off.

Add the honey, cayenne and cocoa and stir until mixed together. Pour into mugs and add a dollop of whipped cream to each mug. Sprinkle with powdered cinnamon.

Best served next to a warm fire.

This warming cocoa will warm the extremities, boost the immune system and delight the taste buds of all ages.


What wintertime activities do your children have a sense of wonder about? What activities do they draw you in to a sense of wonder of? Are you able to see these activities through your inner child’s eyes? What traditions do you have for both wintertime play and warming up activities? We’d love to hear about them, share with us on our website or Facebook page!

Giveaway Monday – Bulk Cayenne from Attar Herbs

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CONGRATULATIONS to REA! She is this week’s winner #1. I got a kick out of reading her comment:

“Since we started this months ezine on Cayenne, my kids want me to add it to EVERYTHING! Tonight for dinner, we had black beans…with Cayenne. Last night, Red Curry…with Cayenne. Tea with Cayenne, popcorn with Cayenne, cocoa with Cayenne. Now they want to sprinkle it in their socks to see if it really keeps their feet warm! So, I could use more Cayenne.”

CONGRATULATIONS to FAWN GREGG! She is this week’s winner #2. Sounds like she’s going to be enjoying the Cayenne as well:

“I love me some cayenne pepper! I add it to nearly everything I cook and make a powerful turmeric, garlic, and cayenne healing shot. Definitely want to whip up a big batch of spicy dark cocoa, too!”



This week I am delighted to give away a 2 1/2 pound packages of dried, powdered Cayenne from Attar Herbs & Spices! There will be 2 winners with each one receiving 1/2 pound. This Cayenne has a scoville rating of 40,000. Whether you want to spice up your meals or try your hand at using Cayenne for medicinal reasons, you’ll have plenty of Cayenne to experiment with!

Don’t know what you’d do with all that lusciously spicy Cayenne? We have plenty of recipes in this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine to get you started with using Cayenne.


About Attar Herbs & Spices:

Since 1969 Attar Herbs & Spices has been a leading supplier of herbs, spices and essential oils throughout the country.   They have developed trusted relationships that ensure exceptional ingredients.  They grind from whole spices and hand blend in small batches to ensure the freshest quality.   Spice Up Life is more than just a groovy tagline, it is their Mission and life philosophy.  At Attar Herbs & Spices, they think that life should be as full of flavor as our food.  By utilizing the herbal gifts that Mother Nature has graciously shared with us, you too can Spice Up Life for you and those you love!

Attar Herbs & Spices is a family owned and a family run business. Founded by Dick Martin, Melissa, her husband Erik and their three children took over the business in 2010.


You can follow Attar Herbs & Spices on Facebook.

Want a chance to win this awesome package from Attar Herbs & Spices? Leave a comment and tell us what you’d do with all this wonderful Cayenne! For more chances to win, leave a separate  comment every time you do one of the following:

-Kids, you get 1 extra point for being a kid! Leave a comment telling me how old you are and what you like best about Herbal Roots zine.

-tell us which herb you’re most excited to be learning about this year with Herbal Roots zine

-telling me what herbs or other products you’d like to get from their vast selection

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Sign ups end and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 15, 2014. Good luck!


[Herbal Rootlets] No. 30 – Holiday Gifts for the Budding Herbalist in Your Life

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“If you wish your children to think deep thoughts, to know the holiest emotions, take them to the woods and hills, and give them the freedom of the meadows; the hills purify those who walk upon them.“

-Richard Jefferies

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re like me, you hope to choose meaningful gifts for your kids that will encourage their imagination and help to stimulate their love of nature (and herbs!). Or perhaps you have a special little someone in your life who loves to learn about herbs and you want to give them something to help nurture that. Today I am listing some of my favorite herbal gift ideas that I have given to my kids and my friends’ kids over the years that have been a hit.


Who doesn’t love a fun game? Games are a great way to learn about herbs. At Herbal Roots zine, you can print off a free Herbal Bingo game to use as a stocking stuffer.

Younger kids from 5 – 8 will enjoy Family Pastimes Walk in the Woods: A Co-operative Board Game. Gathering A Garden Board Game by Eeboo is perfect for the 5 and up crowd while The Garden Game by Ampersand is best suited for 8 and up. Though they are not herb specific games, they all bring awareness to the plants around us. is the maker of the popular kid’s game Wildcraft! and is a hit wherever we take it. This game is great for all ages. As a bonus, they are offering free holiday shipping right now.


Whether it’s stories about herbal adventures such as the popular Herb Fairies set, a kid sized herbal such as Lesley Tierra’s A Kid’s Herb Book for Children of All Ages or a subscription of Herbal Roots zine, books are a wonderful holiday gift idea for kids of all ages. With an annual subscription to Herbal Roots zine, they’ll get a gift that you keep on giving all year long! We’ve also got lots of book ideas on our website, simply go to it and click on the link that says ‘Book List’ for many more ideas.


If your kids are anything like mine, they like movies! So why not share some great herbal based movies with them? Juliette of the Herbs is a movie about the grandmother of herbal medicine, Juliette de Bairacli Levy and is a lovely view. Numen: The Nature of Plants combines herbalist interviews with a bit of scientific information.

Younger kids will enjoy David the Gnome cartoons and The Enchanted World of Brambly Hedge (which I cannot find for purchase but can be streamed from online, maybe a coupon gift pack for movie time could be created).


Herbal Supplies
Kids love to create! Create mini herbal remedy making kits that include herbs, a copy of a coordinating issue of Herbal Roots zine, oils, beeswax, glycerin, containers, etc. Mountain Rose Herbs not only offers dried herbs but also lip balm containers, salve containers, bottles and more!

Not sure what to put in a kit? makes kits that offers a variety of herbal remedies to make such as Elderberry syrup and Calendula salve. This kit is on sale until Thursday at midnight.


Is your child into gardening? Does he like to help you plant and weed and harvest every year? Why not give him a gift pack of seeds to start his own herb garden? Kidzherbs by Sena Cech, daughter of Richo Cech of Horizon Herbs is a delightful kid’s guide to growing medicinal plants which includes a booklet and 12 seed packages.

When purchasing herb seeds, I look for sources that provide heirloom varieties such as Horizon Herbs, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and the Thyme Garden. Seeds make great stocking stuffers or put together a collection along with a garden journal for that budding herbal gardener in your family.

How about a trip to the local nature preserve or botanical garden? Stuff a brochure from your local natural place into your kids’ stocking with a date written on it. Or, include a few brochures and maps from several local places stuffed into a blank nature journal.

What are your favorite herbal gifts for kids? Do you have any holiday gifts for the budding herbalist in your life? Share them with us!

December 2014 – Keen on Cayenne

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This month, we’re turning up the heat! While the weather outside is frightful, the herbs inside are delightful-ly warming to our bodies! Cayenne is a favorite herb of mine during wintertime though many find his actions useful year round.


This month we’ll explore the explosively hot side of Cayenne, a herb that can warm you up AND help you keep your cool. This Coyote trickster herb is one you won’t want to leave out of your medicine chest. Why? Cayenne stimulates….circulation, the nervous system and more. If you tend to have cold feet and hands, you’ll want to keep a bottle of Cayenne by your side to sprinkle on your feet. If you have heart problems, Cayenne may be beneficial for you. If you suffer from cluster headaches, neuralgia, arthritis, back pain or fibromyalgia, Cayenne may be the herb you need for relief. Learn about how he helps with these and much more in this month’s issue of Herbal Roots zine. Come learn about the medicinal uses of Cayenne…


Keen on Cayenne Table of Contents:

Note to Parents
Supply List
Herb Spirit
All About Cayenne
Herbal Glossary
Scramble, Search and More: Circle the Energetics, List the Vitamins & Minerals,Word Search,  Word Scramble, Multiple Choice, Harvest the Cayenne
Herbal Botany
Herbal Lore
Songs and Poems: The Cayenne Herb, C-A-P-S-I-C-U-M, Cayenne Haiku, Feel the Burn
Herbal Recipes: Cayenne Extract, Cayenne Tea,  Cayenne Vinegar, Cayenne Liniment, Cayenne Salve
Coloring Page
Herbal Crafts: Leaf pressing/rubbing/drawing of Cayenne, Styrofoam Chile Stamp, Clay Chiles
Maze: Find Your Way Through the Cayenne Chile
Journal: Write your thoughts, medicine making notes and other information about your month with Cayenne
Crossword Puzzle


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