March 13, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Open your journals. If you would like to use the journal space provided in this month’s issue, turn to page 37? What have you learned about Witch Hazel? What has been your favorite activity so far? Is there anything that you would like to know more about? Tell us!

March 12, 2014 Calendar Entry

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We hope that you liked reading Witch Hazel’s story. For today, let’s roll up our sleeves and make some Witch Hazel Distillate. So, what do we do with the distillate, once it is made you may ask? A distillate is used externally for many different purposes as a cleanser and/or a toner. If you have sore muscles, inflammations, varicose veins, bruises, bumps, psoriasis, or other skin issues such as chicken pox, then Witch Hazel Distillate is for you! For the recipe, turn to page 25. It will last for about 6 months. Enjoy crafting a bottle for yourself or a loved one!

March 11, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? Have you ever thought that someone’s gifts were better than your own? How did that make you feel inside? Turn to page 21 in your zine to begin reading about how, many years ago, Witch Hazel struggled to appreciate her beauty and abilities. Does she ever find happiness within herself? What about you? What are your special gifts?

Giveaway Monday: Blessed Maine Herbs Witch Hazel Set

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This week’s giveaway is for a 4 oz. bottle of Soothing Astringent Rose Lotion and a  1 oz. bottle of Witch Hazel extract made by Gail Faith Edwards of Blessed Maine Herbs. Gail and her family make each batch of extract by hand from all organic ingredients.



The Soothing Astringent Rose lotion is made with  certified organic rose water, witch hazel and aloe vera.

Rose Water concentrates the healing essence of the rose petals and is delicately aromatic. Wonderfully hydrating to the skin, rose water helps replace moisture lost to sun and wind. Astringent, rose water is traditionally used as a skin toner after washing to help tighten pores.

The extract is lovingly made with dried Witch Hazel twigs and organic grape alcohol. From her website:

Our certified organic extracts, also known as tinctures, are concentrated herbal extractions made by traditional methods right here on our farm using only certified organic herbs in a base of certified organic neutral spirits.

Our herbal extracts are whole plant medicines of the highest quality and in most cases are made within minutes of harvesting. They are especially safe, fast acting, effective and good tasting.The alcohol we use as our menstruum meets USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards for pharmaceutical grade alcohol. It is guaranteed 100% free of genetic modification.Additionally many people who are gluten sensitive react negatively to tinctures made with grain alcohol. Our menstruum is made from distilled sugar cane (naturally gluten free) or grapes, so those who avoid grains/gluten may use our herbal extracts with complete assurance of their safety.

We feel confident that you will find our artisinal herbal extracts far superior and better tasting to any you have previously used.

Unless noted, all herbs and flowers used are freshly gathered, and without e

xception all are MOFGA/USDA Certified Organic. The great majority of the herbs used in our extracts have been grown here on our farm or wild gathered from our well managed wild stands and processed immediately in our Certified Organic Processing Facility, otherwise known as the Herb House.

Herbal Extracts are easy to use, travel with you anywhere, are both safe and effective and gentle enough for children in smaller doses. A typical dose for an adult is 5 – 30 drops in a little bit of water, tea or juice. Children generally get half of that. Dosages differ depending on what herb you are taking, and dosage instructions are on each label.

About Gail:
Gail Faith Edwards, is an internationally recognized Community Herbalist with more than thirty years experience. She currently has correspondence course students in many countries around the world. She is the author of three books on herbal medicine and has offered herbal education programs for the past 18 years. Some of the places Gail has taught include the Sambhavana Clinic, Bhopal, India; The Gardens of Monte San Giacomo, Italy; Giardino della Minerva, Salerno, Italy; private home in Gdansk, Poland; Yale School of Nursing; University of Maine and College of the Atlantic. She has taught herbal medicine classes at Common Ground Country Fair each year for the past twenty four years, and also teaches at local elementary and high schools, conferences, nursing homes, garden clubs and to privately arranged groups.Gail has personally trained hundreds of students and apprentices, many of whom have gone on to serve as community herbalists, health education teachers, herb gardeners, holistic healers, herb-wise mothers, and successful herbal business owners.
You can show your support of Blessed Maine Herb Farm by liking them on Facebook. Tell them Herbal Roots zine sent you!
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March 7, 2014 Calendar Entry

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hrz logo1

We have been drawing her leaves and flowers. We have gathered her twigs, flowers, leaves, and seed capsules to make Witch Hazel Fairies. Let’s find out a little more about Witch Hazel’s parts in the Herbal Botany section. Did you know her leaves can grow to be 16 cm. long and 11 cm. wide? They are usually hairy, too.  With a a few species to her name, Witch Hazel begins to bloom in September to March. Have you found her in your area? When you are ready, turn to page 19 to learn more.

March 6, 2014 Calendar Entry

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We hope that you enjoyed drawing pictures of Witch Hazel, yesterday. We can’t wait to see them! Now, it is time to work with a different medium. Today, we will be making Witch Hazel fairies. As you can see from the picture above, you will need two leaves, a few twigs, seeds capsules, and a flower. If you don’t have a Witch Hazel tree nearby, that is okay. Fairies from other trees are just as much fun! For some helpful hints, turn to page 32. We look forward to seeing your fairy soon!

March 5, 2014 Calendar Entry

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One of my favorite joys every month is to gaze at Kristine’s illustrations. Her attention to detail and the value of the colors she chooses never cease to delight my eyes and brighten my heart. I hope that you enjoy the drawings too! Let’s open our zines and find our favorites. Find the inspiration to create your own drawing of Witch Hazel’s leaves or flowers or both! We have made space on 31 for your drawings. If you would like to use your own paper, please do so. We can’t wait to see your drawings. Ready, Set, Go.

March 4, 2014 Calendar Entry

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Good morning! Yesterday, Kristine posted a giveaway for a lovely botanical package from Fawn Lily Botanica. The package includes an Organic Botanical Facial Toner, Facial Wash, and Lip Balm. The last day to sign up is next Monday, March 10. Good luck!

Welcome to March! We hope that you have had a chance to enjoy “Wondrous Witch Hazel”. Aren’t the illustrations breathtaking? The font so whimsical? We look forward to exploring her with you this month. Witch Hazel has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. She acts as an astringent, antioxidant, deodorant, hemostatic, styptic, and tonic, as well. Witch Hazel may be used internally or externally. As an astringent, she helps treat irritations and ailments of the skin, digestive, and reproductive systems. As an anitbacterial, she helps kill bacteria on the skin or in the mouth. Today, we will begin this month’s activities by making Witch Hazel Extract. Turn to page 26 to get started. The extract will need to steep for about 4 weeks. Remember to shake your extract every day. Have fun!

Giveaway Monday – Botanical Package from Fawn Lily Botanica

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***This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Katie Goodrow!!***fawnlilyfacebook1

I am quite giddy to be offering this week’s giveaway. I’ve known Irene for several years through the herbal community and I’m excited that she has created such a wonderful herbal product line. She has put together an awesome Witch Hazel themed package that one lucky winner will get to enjoy! And, to make it even more exciting, the winner will get to choose the scents/flavors of their set!

This week’s giveaway is for one of each of the following:



Organic Botanical Facial Toners
Tone your skin with the synergy of luxurious organic botanicals!  Facial toners are an important, yet often overlooked, part of daily skin care routines. They improve the skin’s tone and texture by naturally tightening and toning pores, help to adjust pH levels, and remove residues of make-up or dirt left behind after washing.  These are extremely gentle, uplifting, and mild facial toners that will gently cleanse and tone with soothing and invigorating herbal elements.Choose from: Lavender, Willow & Calendula or Sage, Mint & YarrowIMG_6124-v3
Organic Botanical Facial Wash
These are extremely gentle, mild, and soothing facial washes made with pure botanicals and certified organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances, colorants, sudsing agents, preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients – just pure elements from nature. Rather than skin feeling dry, tight, and parched after using, this cleanser will leave skin sillky-smooth, soft, and hydrated. The botanical ingredients in these facial washes will cleanse and tone skin and pores – all while naturally moisturizing skin and infusing it with pure botanical goodness.Choose from: Herbal Unscented, Tea Tree & Juniper, or Vanilla Bean & Elder Flower


Organic Botanical Lip Balm
Made with luxurious organic oils and butters, these botanical lip balms are a treat for the lips!  Extremely rich, creamy, conditioning, and smooth.  Fawn Lily Botanica’s lip balms are made from organic and fair trade certified ingredients, and contain nourishing herbal ingredients which offer protection from the harsh elements while moisturizing and hydrating lips.  Each tube is hand poured and handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality of organic and fair trade botanical ingredients, pure beeswax from U.S. honeybees, botanical oils, pure essential oils, butters, and other moisturizing ingredients.

Choose from:

3 Mint & Cocoa Lip Balm – minty and cooling lip balm
Cardamom & Coconut Lip Balm – exotic and warming
Hibiscus, Ginger & Rosehip – earthy and exotic
Lavender & Meadowsweet – floral and nourishing lip balm
Nourishing Herbal Lip Balm – moisturizing and soothing
Spiced Chai & Coconut – warming and spicy blend

About Fawn Lily Botanica and Irene Wolansky:


Fawn Lily Botanica is a line of natural body care, cosmetic, medicinal, and herbal products handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. Much of her inspiration is derived from wild botanicals growing within the nestled valleys, lush woodlands, alluring meadows, and enchanting mountains of Oregon. You will only find pure, fresh, and organic ingredients in Fawn Lily Botanical’s products that are either ethically wild harvested, purchased from reputable sources, or grown in Irene’s garden.


Making botanical body care products and studying herbal remedies has been a personal passion of Irene’s for more than sixteen years. Over the years, she has been especially drawn to formulating natural body care and skin care products, and have slowly honed her recipes. Irene’s recipes have been featured and published in national magazines, blogs, newsletters, and journals.

You can read more about Irene’s journey into herbalism on her website.

You can follow Fawn Lily Botanica on Facebook at

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Sign ups end on and I’ll draw the winner on Monday, March 10, 2014. Thanks for entering and good luck!

February 28, 2014 Calendar Entry

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We have come to the end of February. We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about Eucalyptus this month. Turn to page 8 to record your thoughts in the Herbal Spirits section. Now, look back on page 7. How did your answers change? How have they stayed the same? We look forward to seeing you next month! Get ready to explore Witch Hazel with us!