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This year we’ve got another great line up of herbs coming your way in Herbal Roots zine. Trying to plan out your herb garden for the year? Well, this is what we’ll be teaching about and what you might want to get growing in your garden! Plan ahead and make sure you’ll have the appropriate herbs available each month. I am zoned 6b so while most of these herbs are in their prime during these months, they may fluctuate ahead or behind a month for you depending on your own location. “Off season” herbs, typically December – February, may be at their peak in other locations so be sure to plan accordingly!

Some plants, such as Cardamom, Vitex and Saw Palmetto can be grown in pots and brought in during the colder seasons. Check our Link page for reputable seed and plant sources.

Herbal Roots zine upcoming issues for 2016:

January – Cumin
February – Cardamom
March – Forsythia
April – Eleuthero
May – Mugwort
June – Skullcap
July – Valerian
August – Gumweed
September – Ginkgo
October – Fennel
November – Vitex
December – Saw Palmetto


Herbal Roots zine upcoming issues for 2017.


In 2018, in honor of our 10 year anniversary, I will be focusing on “at risk” and endangered species herbs and how to properly cultivate them to help restore them to our natural environments. If you want to get a jump start on growing them, here is the list (not in order):

American Ginseng
Black Cohosh
Blue Cohosh
False Unicorn Root
Solomon’s Seal
True Unicorn Root

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    ooh, they ALL look good!

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    Debbie Pavlovcic

    I’m so excited! I look forward to every issue. I say I’m doing this for my granddaughter, but really I just love it for myself!

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    I can’t wait for them to come! especially the Rose and Cinnamon ones!