April 1, 2014 Calendar Entry


Welcome to April! Our herb this month is Chicory. Have you seen him about? Look for plants with blue to purple flowers and leaves with a hairy underside. If you find him and can gather his roots, you will be well on your way to begin making your very own Chicory Extract! The extract is an excellent bitter and is used for digestive issues. People also use it to stimulate bile production and clear the liver.When you are ready, turn to page 29 for the the recipe. Remember to shake the extract daily. After 4 weeks, return to this page for the recommended dosages.

If you are having trouble finding some Chicory roots, head on over to Mountain Rose Herbs. The company has some available at https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/search/search.php?utf8=%E2%9C%93&refine=y&keywords=chicory+roots&commit=Go.

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