August 16, 2012 Calendar Entry

When I think about the ABC’s, I don’t usually say them without singing them. Songs can help us remember feelings, experiences, and concepts. Music is a big part of our lives, and is quite universal…like a smile. Today, we’re going to try to create a song about Basil. If you have a line or chorus, please feel free to add it. Then, maybe we can teach the song to our children, so they can remember what they learn about the herb. I’ll go first…

What will you put in your tea today?

Basil, will help your belly feel okay.

What will you put in your tea tonight.

Basil will help you sleep alright.

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2 Responses to “August 16, 2012 Calendar Entry”

  1. 1

    What will you put in your tea my Fae?
    Basil to have the sight and soothesay!

  2. 2

    Not just for tea, this sweet leaf of green
    add oil, garlic & pinenuts, & pesto is seen.

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