August 6, 2013 Calendar Entry


One of our family’s favorite activities is to search for the herb of the month.  Sometimes, we find it in our own backyard.  Other times, we have to be on the look out while playing in parks,  driving on roads more or less traveled,  and on hikes. This month, Milk Thistle’s bright pink flowers have  been fun to discover among all the greenery. As we step closer to her, we find that there are leaves growing from the ground. They have milk white veins and spiny edges.  A step closer will find us nearly face to face with the flowers, which are at least an inch wide.  They bloom from June-August in our area. When they are ready to be harvested, the seeds begin to appear much like in the picture above. Turn to page 26 of your zine for some harvesting tips! Have you found Milk Thistle? Are the seeds in your area ready to be harvested?

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