august calendar – aug 10

sign up for a chance to win this lovely calendula pendant made by my good friend rebekah of mulberry mudd! she makes all sorts of lovely pendants and other beautiful things. my favorite is her herbal fairy line. they are just stunning in person, the photos do not do them justice!

herbal roots subscribers, get your name thrown in the pot twice by telling me which calendula recipe you’ll try out first!

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    The Plant Whisperer

    Well, it wouldn't be fair for me to win this one too 🙂 – but I still want to say how lovely the Calendula pendant is! Magic fingers must have made it 🙂
    I've recently been using Calendula salve (in combination w/ a few other allies) for athlete's foot and it is very helpful. Such a sweet plant!

  2. 2

    What a beautiful pendant! We didn't have any calendula growing this year, but we do have seeds sleeping in their little pots, waiting for the sun to wake them.

    My girls are just loving your magazine, and I even did a post about it on my blog!



    p.s. The word verification is "phrosema"~sounds like a Greek goddess, doesn't it? 🙂

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    comfrey cottages

    how generous of you to offer one of bek's amazingly beautiful pendants again kristine! thank you! ladie's beks creations are unique and as kristine says, even more wonderful in hand! i bought one of her dandelion pendants and wear it constantly! the marvelous comfrey fairie statue she created, which i recently got for my birthday, is one of my most treasured possessions and is the guardian of my gardens and blog! would love to win the calendula pendant! thanks for the offer dear! big herbal hugs to you and bek

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    Jenny B

    As usual, I'm loving the Herbal Roots Zine! We made "golden butter" and its great!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Golden Butter sounds too yummy and I will give it a go when my plants are ready. This year is the first time I've grown Calendula and I love it! I love the pendant and all her work. Thanks for a great Zine xo

  6. 6

    What a beautiful pendant!! I just won the coloring book – so wit wouldn't be fair for me to win this one too. But I wanted to comment on it because it is so wonderful – I hope I can find one in her etsy shop in the future!

  7. 7

    Def I will try the Golden Butter….I LOVE calendula. When my son was an infant,the calendula based salve I made for chronic bottom rash was the only thing that worked! Thanks for a great zine…very inspiring:)

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