august calendar – aug 27

do you know what a haiku is? have you ever written one? wikihow has some great information about haikus! here are some highlights:

  1. Haiku in Japanese has three lines written one right after another, with 17 syllables — the first line contains five syllables, the second has seven, and the last has five.
  2. Haiku usually focus on imagery from nature. They communicate a deeply felt moment — usually a scene from nature — which is then simply expressed, without big, fancy words.
  3. Since almost all haiku focus on nature, the season is important for coming up with words to use. In Japanese, the “kigo” or season word was generally understood; “autumn breeze” might be known to express loneliness and the coming of the dark winter season.
  4. Reading most haiku, you’ll notice they either present one idea for the first two lines and then switch quickly to something else or do the same with the first line and last two, although this is not as common. Contrasts can be the hardest part. The haiku poet wants to come up with the perfect words to spark the ideas they wish to communicate. It doesn’t have to be extremely severe; it can be anything from one color to another. Often the last line of a haiku carries a twist – something unexpected.

can you write a haiku about calendula? what season do you think calendula best represents? feel free to share any haikus you’ve written about calendula in the comments, i’d love to read them!

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