{Herbal Rootlets]: No. 125 – 10 Favorite Herbal Games for Kids

It’s already October! The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping. Outdoor excursions are getting shorter so it’s time to seek out some fun indoor activities. I love games for keeping minds active and bodies busy. The following are ten of our favorite herbally inspired games to play. There are not a lot of […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 124 – Herbs for Teens: Personal Hygiene

When doing research for my teen series, I went straight to the source. I asked my 16 year old, “What are important healthcare concerns for you as a teen?” I mentioned that I already had anxiety, stress, the stresses of general hormones and puberty, and skincare problems on my list. Without batting an eye, she […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 123 – Herbs for Teens: Puberty and Reproductive Support

Mood swings…Anger. Frustration. Anxiousness. Depression. Confusion An emotional rollercoaster. Sleep disturbances…Staying up too late. Oversleeping in the morning. Exhaustion. Body image issues…Acne. Oily hair and skin. Weight gain. Feeling too tall or too short. Teens are often in upheaval due mainly to one thing: hormones. This is the time of their lives when their bodies […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 122 – Herbs for Teens: Anxiety and Stress Support

Is your teen feeling anxious and stressed? Do they have trouble sleeping, suffer from panic attacks, have trouble eating, focusing on schoolwork, feel physically sick with nausea, headaches, stomachaches, or diarrhea? Are they depressed, forgetful, or even careless? These are all warning signs of too much stress in a teen’s life. Just what do teens […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 121 – Herbs for Teens: Liver Support for Healthy Skin

Is acne a frustration for your teen? Do they spend hours in front of the mirror, agonizing about the condition of their skin? Are they embarrassed about blemishes and try to hide their face from the world? If so, you and your teen might find this week’s article helpful. The Bane Of Every Teen’s Existence: […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 120 – Making Herbal Decoctions with Kids

Teas…infusions….decoctions…what’s the difference between these water based herbal remedies? When should you make one over the other? Does it even matter? In past articles, I’ve written about making herbal teas and making herbal infusions. Today I’m going to tell you all about herbal decoctions. What are decoctions? Herbal decoctions are an herbal preparation that is […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 119 – Making Herbal Glycerites with Kids

Just what is an herbal glycerite and why would you want to use it? Have you ever heard of a glycerite? Have you ever used one? In today’s article, I am going to talk all about glycerites, the pros and cons, and how to make them. What are glycerites? Glycerites are similar to tinctures but […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 118 – Making Herbal Tinctures with Kids

Do you use store purchased tinctures for your family on a regular basis? Or are you curious about using tinctures but the cost of a small one ounce tincture bottle has you balking at purchasing something you are not sure will work for you or your family? Or have you been purchasing them but want […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 117 – Creating a Curriculum with Herbal Roots zine

Many people have loved using Herbal Roots zine for teaching their children about herbs over the years but did you know that you can develop an entire school curriculum around the zine? Today I’m going to show you how! Grab yourself a cup of tea, a notebook and a pen, and get comfortable as this […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 116 – Making Herbal Honeys with Kids

If you have a picky eater who balks at any herbal remedy you attempt to offer them, try making an herbal honey to make the herbs more tempting. As Mary Poppins sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”! Why use honey? Honey is a great medium for herbs! It’s familiar, tastes […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 115 – Making Herbal Cleaners with Kids

As a mom who cares about the health of your child, you probably spend a lot of time making sure your home environment is as healthy as possible. You choose foods with the best ingredients you can find, skincare products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals, and laundry products that don’t add harsh chemicals to […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 114 – Making Herbal Popsicles with Kids

Looking for a cooling treat that’s easy to make and easy on the sugar content? Make some herbal popsicles, it’s easy as 1-2-3. My son loves popsicles and when I showed him how easy it is to make them, he took over the job to make sure he’s always got popsicles on hand. Why make […]

[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 113 – Making Herbal Sodas with Kids

Whew! It’s getting hot out there. Summer is definitely HERE! That means it’s time for some refreshing drinks. And if your kids are like mine, they like SODA! Great news – you can make a healthier version of soda using herbal syrups and seltzer water! It’s really that easy. You’ll still want to offer these […]