Beautiful Herb Quilt Raffle


Last winter, a friend of mine was looking for herb drawings to have a quilt made for a raffle to help raise money for the Trillium Center, a center for wilderness skills, self reliance and other folk arts. Leah, a community herbalist in Conneaut, Ohio, leads plant walks showing participants how to identify medicinal, edible, and poisonous plants; tell them stories, folklore, and traditional and current methods of preparing wild plants. The Trillium Center hosts a variety of educational programs, including a FREE children’s program to teach about wild edibles and medicinals.


I submitted several drawings of herbs for her to select from and the artist sewing the quilt decided to use 8 of my drawings: Dandelion, Wild Bergamot, Trillium, Chicory, Crampbark, New England Aster, Chickweed, and Marshmallow. The center of the quilt hosts the Trillium Center’s logo.









This beautiful quilt is being raffled off to raise money for the Trillium Center, which will go to worthwhile projects and programs such as the children’s program, which is open to all members of their community.

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