January 31, 2013 Calendar Entry

We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about Aloe this month. On page 7, we recorded our thoughts before we began our adventures. Now, it is time to turn to page 8 and fill out the second part of the Herbal Spirits section. How have your answers changed? How did they stay the same? […]

January 30, 2013 Calendar Entry

If you turn to page 14, you will find Aloe’s real name: Aloe Barbadensis Miller. You will also find two pictures of Aloe. Curious? Open your zine to begin today’s activities! It is not too late to get started with this month’s zine, “Awesome Aloe”. Click the button below to receive a copy for $7.99: […]

January 29, 2013 Calendar Entry

We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! Today, we will be crafting in the kitchen. Aloe can be used in many different ways for many different purposes. My favorite time to use Aloe is when I get a sun burn. It really helps to cool my skin. The Aloe After Sun Soother is […]

January 25, 2013 Calendar Entry

It is time to review what we have learned about Aloe this month! On page 13, you will find the word search. What is your favorite word pertaining to Aloe? Mine would have to be Vera. You can get your own copy of this month’s issue of “Awesome Aloe” right here: Or, you can subscribe […]

January 24, 2013 Calendar Entry

Take a moment and feel your lips. How do they feel? Soft and supple? Dry and Cracked? Somewhere in between? Today, we are excited to be sharing our Aloe Lip Balm recipe with you. Aloe will leave your lips feeling soothed and healed with her moistening and rejuvenative energy. I can just imagine rubbing my […]

January 23, 2013 Calendar Entry

We have been exploring Aloe for the last few weeks. We have made Aloe Gels,  Spritzers, Face Masks, and Smoothies. We have more crafting in store for you tomorrow. We have learned about Aloe through the botany, lore, and song pages. We hope that you are having a lot of fun with your little ones. […]

January 22, 2013 Calendar Entry

Today, we are sharing a song Kristine wrote about Aloe. Here are the first four lines (sung to the tune of “Rubber Duckie”). See page 21 to learn all of the lines. We hope that you have enjoyed learning about Aloe this month. If so inspired, please feel free to add a line in the […]

January 18, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! We are so glad that you could be with us today! We are happy to be sharing what knowledge and experiences we have with herbs, and that you are learning more about how to take care of your health and the health of your family. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! We […]

January 17, 2013 Calendar Entry

Whether it is cold and your face is winter chapped or it is hot and your face is sun burned, an Aloe Face Mask is just the thing to help soothe your skin! With its moistening and cooling properties, Aloe helps the skin rejuvenate leaving it feeling softer and looking younger. For the recipe, turn […]

January 16, 2013 Calendar Entry

Have you been journaling about your adventures with Aloe? How have you become closer with her this month? Do you have an Aloe plant? Have you been able to find some Aloe gel? What activities have you most liked doing with your family this month? We would love to know more about your experiences. You can get […]

January 15, 2013 Calendar Entry

Good morning! We hope that you have had a wonderful Monday! Don’t miss the amazing giveaway from Mountain Rose Herbs: a 16 oz. bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and 4 oz. of Cape Aloe powder! Sign up ends this Sunday, January 20. We are looking forward to sharing the lore of Aloe today. On pages […]

January 11, 2013 Calendar Entry

Review time! What have you learned about Aloe so far? Check out the crossword puzzle on page 33. How many words are you able to find without looking at the word bank? You can get your own copy of this month’s issue of “Awesome Aloe” right here: Or, you can subscribe for an entire year […]

January 10, 2013 Calendar Entry

Kristine loves sharing her delicately detailed drawings with you every month in the zine, this blog, and on the facebook page. Today, try your hand at drawing Aloe. From leaves to flowers, Aloe has a beauty all of its own. Post your pictures on our flickr page. We would love to see them! You can […]