March 31 Calendar Entry

How’s your Burdock stepping stone looking? It will make a great entrance to your herb garden! I hope you enjoyed your month of learning about Burdock! Starting tomorrow we will start learning all about Wild Cherry!

March 30 Calendar Entry

Burdock leaves get so large, they make great stepping stone molds! Make a few today to add to your herb garden. The complete how-to is listed in this month’s Craft section.

March 29 Calendar Entry

Your tincture has been sitting for 3 weeks now if you started it on the 8th. You can strain it off or leave the roots in it to let it continue to get stronger. Either way, it’s ready to start using!

March 25 Calendar Entry

If you started your burdock oil back on 4th, it is ready to use now! Try it out on some itchy skin, dry scalp or other skin problems today!

March 24 Calendar Entry

It’s fun to see what other kids are up to in their month of activities. I created a Flickr Group page so everyone could share their experiences, crafts and findings with each month’s herb. Check it out and post your own pictures here!

March 23 Calendar Entry

Poems are another great way to memorize information about herbs. Can you write a poem about Burdock to help you remember his healing potential?

March 22 Calendar Entry

When I am learning about an herb, I like to read what other herbalists have to say about that herb. I like to read about other people’s experiences, what did or did not work for them, new ways they discovered to use an herb and more. I’ve listed several articles some of my favorite herbalists […]

March 18 Calendar Entry

Want to learn more about Burdock through visual experiences? Check out the video links I’ve posted in this month’s Resources.

March 17 Calendar Entry

Did you know you can eat Burdock leaf and flower stalks? Harvest some today to try out! There are recipes in the Recipe section of this month’s issue.

March 16 Calendar Entry

Burdock leaves are large and abundant during the spring and summer. You can dry them to use in poultices, as a herbal band-aid or for adding to meals for fall and winter use. Dry some of your harvest today!

March 15 Calendar Entry

Burdock leaves can be used for medicinal purposes and for cooking. Harvest some today!

March 11 Calendar Entry

Herbariums are books that contain pressings of herbs to remind the user of what the plant looks like. Burdock leaves can get quite large, up to 18″ or greater depending on the species so picking leaves when they are smaller is necessary to fit it on the page! Harvest a few smaller Burdock leaves and […]

March 9 Calendar Entry

Burdock roots are very nourishing and wonderful eaten in soups, casseroles and stews. Join your mom in the kitchen today and make a nourishing dish with Burdock roots in it! See helpful tips and recipes in the Recipe section for ideas on how to incorporate Burdock into your cooking.