December 22 Calendar Entry

Sketching a picture of the plant you are studying is a great way to notice things you would normally miss when looking at the plant. Unfortunately, for most of us, having a live model to sketch is not going to be very likely as Cinnamon only grows in warm climates. Those in Southern California and […]

December 17 Calendar Entry

Mmmmm…have you checked on your Cinnamon Extract yet? It should be getting pretty strong and taking on a dark red color. Try it out in some tea today! It would make great holiday gifts too! Simply pour into smaller bottles, make a pretty label and viola! A gift fit for a king!

December 16 Calendar Entry

Need more holiday gift ideas? Why not sew some spicy scented Cinnamon Coasters? They are quick and easy to make and smell delightful, adding a warming scent to the room on a cold winter day. Full directions are in this month’s issue.

December 15 Calendar Entry

Cinnamon oil is great for warming hands and feet and using on arthritic joints. The addition of Cinnamon Essential oil gives it a delightful scent! Start an infusion today. Directions can be found in the Recipe section of this month’s issue.

December 7 Calendar Entry

Wintertime chills getting to you? Feel a cold coming on? Try a simple Cinnamon infusion to help warm you. Be sure to record how you feel before and after drinking your infusion on the Journal pages. Both the recipe and the journal pages can be found in this month’s issue.

December 2 Calendar Entry

Repetition and review are great ways to learn. Games make repetition and review fun. Try your hand at the word search and see how quickly you can find all the words!

December 1 Calendar Entry

Cinnamon is an antimicrobial and is a great addition to toothpicks. Cinnamon toothpicks help remove particles of food stuck between your teeth while helping your gums and teeth to remain healthy. Make some delicious, spicy Cinnamon Toothpicks today! Directions are in the Craft section of this month’s issue.