March 31 Calendar Entry

How’s your Burdock stepping stone looking? It will make a great entrance to your herb garden! I hope you enjoyed your month of learning about Burdock! Starting tomorrow we will start learning all about Wild Cherry!

March 30 Calendar Entry

Burdock leaves get so large, they make great stepping stone molds! Make a few today to add to your herb garden. The complete how-to is listed in this month’s Craft section.

March 11 Calendar Entry

Herbariums are books that contain pressings of herbs to remind the user of what the plant looks like. Burdock leaves can get quite large, up to 18″ or greater depending on the species so picking leaves when they are smaller is necessary to fit it on the page! Harvest a few smaller Burdock leaves and […]

December 22 Calendar Entry

Sketching a picture of the plant you are studying is a great way to notice things you would normally miss when looking at the plant. Unfortunately, for most of us, having a live model to sketch is not going to be very likely as Cinnamon only grows in warm climates. Those in Southern California and […]

December 16 Calendar Entry

Need more holiday gift ideas? Why not sew some spicy scented Cinnamon Coasters? They are quick and easy to make and smell delightful, adding a warming scent to the room on a cold winter day. Full directions are in this month’s issue.

December 1 Calendar Entry

Cinnamon is an antimicrobial and is a great addition to toothpicks. Cinnamon toothpicks help remove particles of food stuck between your teeth while helping your gums and teeth to remain healthy. Make some delicious, spicy Cinnamon Toothpicks today! Directions are in the Craft section of this month’s issue.

November 25 Calendar Entry

Sage bundles are very useful as spiritual tools for cleansing negative energy and also for clearing out germs floating in the air. White sage should be used for making a smoke bundle as common sage can be irritating to the lungs when inhaled. To make a sage bundle, see the craft section.

February Calendar – Feb 25

Do you like to draw? Have you ever used charcoal to draw? Did you know you can make your own? Check out the How To on our craft page!

February Calendar – Feb 23

Have you made any willow stars yet? They make such pretty decorations when hung in groupings!

February Calendar – Feb 19

Make a living sculpture in your yard! Living sculptures and play structures are so much fun! What are you going to do in your yard? Have you started yet? Don’t forget to share pictures on our flickr page if/when you do!

February Calendar – Feb 12

Make a willow heart for your sweetheart! They make great Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations.

january calendar – january 27

is your root sprouting yet? if so, plant it!

pine cone ornaments

another great ornament idea from living crafts magazine, this time using pine cones!