March 29 Calendar Entry

Your tincture has been sitting for 3 weeks now if you started it on the 8th. You can strain it off or leave the roots in it to let it continue to get stronger. Either way, it’s ready to start using!

March 25 Calendar Entry

If you started your burdock oil back on 4th, it is ready to use now! Try it out on some itchy skin, dry scalp or other skin problems today!

March 17 Calendar Entry

Did you know you can eat Burdock leaf and flower stalks? Harvest some today to try out! There are recipes in the Recipe section of this month’s issue.

March 8 Calendar Entry

Tinctures are a great way to make your herbal medicines portable and easy to take. Start some burdock root tincture today!

March 4 Calendar Entry

Burdock oil is a great oil to have on hand for using externally on skin and hair and for cooking! Infuse some of your roots today.

December 17 Calendar Entry

Mmmmm…have you checked on your Cinnamon Extract yet? It should be getting pretty strong and taking on a dark red color. Try it out in some tea today! It would make great holiday gifts too! Simply pour into smaller bottles, make a pretty label and viola! A gift fit for a king!

December 15 Calendar Entry

Cinnamon oil is great for warming hands and feet and using on arthritic joints. The addition of Cinnamon Essential oil gives it a delightful scent! Start an infusion today. Directions can be found in the Recipe section of this month’s issue.

December 7 Calendar Entry

Wintertime chills getting to you? Feel a cold coming on? Try a simple Cinnamon infusion to help warm you. Be sure to record how you feel before and after drinking your infusion on the Journal pages. Both the recipe and the journal pages can be found in this month’s issue.

November 30 Calendar Entry

Remember when you started your Sage Vinegar a few weeks ago? Well, it’s ready to use now!

November 24 Calendar Entry

Aaaaaah! White Sage oil is wonderful for all sorts of uses! Have you started some yet? Don’t have access to any White Sage? Mountain Rose is a great source of it! Start an oil infusion as soon as possible, you’ll love the results!

November 19 Calendar Entry

Remember that Sage Honey Infusion you started a few weeks ago? It’s ready to try out! Use it in herbal teas, on toast or english muffins, or a spoonful if you feel a sore throat coming on. You can leave the Sage leaves in the honey and eat them as you spoon them out. Yum!

November 18 Calendar Entry

Steam inhalations are a great way to open up sinus congestion and help with respiratory ailments as well. Sage has antimicrobial properties which makes him a perfect herb for using in herbal steams! Feeling a little stuffy today? Try a Sage Steam.

November 16 Calendar Entry

Using your medicine as food is the most natural and primitive way to take your medicine. Before people had drug stores, they made broths rich with bones, vegetable and herbs, taking advantage of all the wonderful vitamins, minerals and nutrients each had to offer. They preserved herbs in vinegars, honeys and wines. Vinegar is a […]