June 10 Calendar Entry

Red Clover is not only great as a medicine but also great to eat! The blossoms and leaves can be eaten in salads and the blossoms are delicious in rice! The seeds can also be sprouted and eaten in salads or on sandwiches. Read all about how to do it in this month’s issue of […]

June 9 Calendar Entry

Find a nice patch of Red Clover and sketch her! Look closely at where the leaves are connected. Are there hairs on the stem? Don’t forget to draw the chevron markings on the leaf. Examine a flower closely and draw it. Don’t worry if it’s picture perfect. The more you draw and the more you […]

June 8 Calendar Entry

Ever get a tune stuck in your head? Singing is a great way to remember important information. A friend of mine told me her son sings the name of a plant over and over when he first learns it. Learn the song about Red Clover or make up your own to help you remember her […]

June 7 Calendar Entry

When harvesting your Red Clover blossoms, be sure to harvest a good specimen and some leaves for pressing. You can put this on the page made just for this purpose in the Craft Section of this month’s issue or create your own herbarium (see the Article section on the left of this page or check […]

June 3 Calendar Entry

Now that you have lots of Red Clover blossoms, make a syrup. Red Clover is a gentle soothing expectorant and also a mild purger. You can use your Red Clover syrup to help with constipation, congested lungs and more. Read all about it and learn how to make the syrup in this month’s issue of […]

June 2 Calendar Entry

Meadows are filled with wildflowers and Red Clover right now! Go out and harvest some Red Clover blossoms today! Make sure to dry them quickly so they won’t ferment. Learn all about what you can use Red Clover blossoms for in this month’s issue: Or, you can subscribe for an entire year of Herbal Roots […]

June 1 Calendar Entry

It’s the beginning of a new month of herbal learning at Herbal Roots! This month is all about Red Clover. Begin by taking a moment to fill out the Herbal Spirit page at the beginning of the issue. This will help you to begin thinking about Red Clover and her energetics. If you have Red […]