september calendar – sep 30

blend together the elderflower tea recipe and store it away for winter time. it’s great to have on hand for flu season! it’s the last day of september. tomorrow we’ll be start learning about lemon balm.

september calendar – sep 29

i love to sing about herbs! it’s such a fun way to remember all of their valuable uses. have you sang the elderberry song? sing it today!

september calendar – sep 25

have you been practicing your elderberry flute? it’s a bit magical the way it sings, isn’t it?!

september calendar – sep 24

who wants a special dessert tonight? get in the kitchen and make some elderberry dumplings! don’t forget the vanilla ice cream or freshly whipped cream. yum, yum, yum!

september calendar – sep 23

take some leftover berries and make your elderberry ink today. visit a local chicken farmer to get a feather to make a quill (or find one at a craft store). want some extra fun? make some ‘parchment paper’ by brewing up a strong batch of black tea, wad up a paper (the more wrinkled up […]

september calendar – sep 22

it’s the first day of autumn! celebrate by making an elderberry pie!

september calendar – sep 18

strain your elderberry glycerin 1 more time, leaving behind any residue on the bottom of the jar. this will keep any moisture left behind from the previous straining from causing the glycerin go rancid. now it’s ready to label and use!

september calendar – sep 17

harvest some elderberry branches to make a flute today! they are fun to make and quite easy. the trick is in learning to play them. be sure to ask mother elder for permission to harvest a branch and thank her…you can leave a little cornmeal at her base, or birdseed to feed the birds, sing […]

september calendar – sep 16

how’s your elderberry glycerin coming along? if you started it 2 weeks ago, you can strain it off and finish it up today! just in time to prepare for flu season.

september calendar – sep 15

it’s time to pull your silks out of their dye bath and rinse them! they should be a lovely cornflower blue. heavenly, aren’t they?! hang them to dry outside and then play away!

september calendar – sep 11

How about that syrup? It’s tasty, isn’t it?! Treat your family to some elderberry soda tonight!

september calendar – sep 10

Have you made any elderberry syrup yet? If not, make some today! It’s great to have on hand before flu season starts.

september calendar – sep 9

Dance! Be Elderberry! Sway in the breeze to the song of the cicadas, crickets and chickadees!