April 29 Calendar Entry

How’s your elixir doing? It should be strong and delicious by now! Feeling nervous? Try some today.   Stay tuned, on Monday we’ll start learning all about Nettles!

April 28 Calendar Entry

Wild Cherry has calming and sedating properties. If you’re having problems sleeping, try making some Wild Cherry Leaf tea to drink before bedtime.

April 27 Calendar Entry

The month is almost up! Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about Wild Cherry. Test your knowledge by doing the Crossword puzzle.

April 26 Calendar Entry

How’s your tincture doing? If you started it back at the beginning of the month, it should be ready to start using now!

April 22 Calendar Entry

There are so many great articles about Wild Cherry. Read other herbalists’ writings to understand other perspectives on Wild Cherry. Check the list in the Resource section of this month’s issue. photo by Ananda Wilson

April 21 Calendar Entry

It’s fun to see what other kids are up to in their month of activities. I created a Flickr Group page so everyone could share their experiences, crafts and findings with each month’s herb. Check it out and post your own pictures here!

April 20 Calendar Entry

Cough drops are great for taking along with you when you have a cough. They are easy to make and taste delicious! Make some Wild Cherry cough drops today.

April 19 Calendar Entry

Although botany is not essential to herbal knowledge, it can be helpful for identifying different plants and can be useful for determining uses of plants based on what they are. This month I’ve included a drawing of a Wild Cherry flower for you to label and learn about. Can you identify all the flower parts?

April 15 Calendar Entry

Don’t forget to press some leaves and flowers for the Craft section! If you make your own herbarium, press a few extras for it as well!

April 14 Calendar Entry

Do you like to sing? We love to sing around here and often sing about our daily routines. We sing to remember what we need to do, how we need to do it and other important details. We make up rhymes with catchy tunes to help our memories record the information. Sing the Wild Cherry […]

April 13 Calendar Entry

Got a cough that just won’t stop? Whip up a batch of Cherry Cough Syrup to have on hand. It’s quick and easy to make and tastes better than the stuff you can buy at the store!

April 12 Calendar Entry

Review time! Can you find all the words in the word search puzzle?

April 8 Calendar Entry

Need something a little sweeter to treat that cough? Like your medicine to be more pleasant tasting than a normal tincture? Try making a Wild Cherry Elixir!