February Calendar – Feb 25

Do you like to draw? Have you ever used charcoal to draw? Did you know you can make your own? Check out the How To on our craft page!

February Calendar – Feb 24

Have you done the multiple choice review yet? Hopefully you’ve had lots of games and activities to help you remember all the great uses of willow!

February Calendar – Feb 23

Have you made any willow stars yet? They make such pretty decorations when hung in groupings!

February Calendar – Feb 19

Make a living sculpture in your yard! Living sculptures and play structures are so much fun! What are you going to do in your yard? Have you started yet? Don’t forget to share pictures on our flickr page if/when you do!

February Calendar – Feb 18

Do you like the new style crossword puzzle? Don’t worry if you don’t, we plan to still offer the other style as well. We just wanted to mix it up a little this month!

February Calendar – Feb 17

You can start using your tincture today! Be sure to leave the bark in the tincture so it can continue to draw out more medicine from the bark.

February Calendar – Feb 16

Be sure to check out the links on the resource page…we just couldn’t squeeze in all the information we wanted to share with you this month so we linked to some great links online!

February Calendar – Feb 12

Make a willow heart for your sweetheart! They make great Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations.

February Calendar – Feb 11

(photo by Ananda Wilson) Share your photos on our flickr page! We’d love to see what you’ve been doing with Herbal Roots this month.

February Calendar – Feb 10

Can you write a willow haiku? Here is ours: white willow so strong anti-inflammatory choose before aspirin Please share your haiku with us in the comments if you’ve written one!

February Calendar – Feb 9

Have you tried making willow bark tea yet? If so, what do you think of the flavor? Even though it can be a bit bitter, I like the flavor, it has a hint of cinnamon to it, don’t you think? If the flavor is too bitter, you can add some honey to the tea to […]

February Calendar – Feb 5

Can you find all the words in the word search? There are lots more games in this issue, which one is your favorite?

February Calendar – Feb 4

Sing the willow song. We’ve been singing it all day long! Can you add some verses to it?