Welcome to Herbal Roots zine’s classroom!

Take your children’s herbal learning to the next level with our classroom options. In addition to receiving issues of Herbal Roots zine, students will have the option of taking a quiz after each lesson is completed with a certificate rewarded at the end of the course. Parents can purchase badges to give to their children after the completion of each lesson as well. Students who take the year long HRz courses receive a one year membership to United Plant Savers and 20% off of items in our shop such as the calendars, badges, stickers and note cards. Each course also comes with a printable companion guide with additional resources (banners, bookmarks, games and more) and parents can join a free private facebook group to chat with other parents in the HRz year long courses.

Currently, we are offering 3 courses. Two are year long courses:

Native Medicinal Plant Awareness

New to Herbs

And we are offering a 12 week video course:

The Science and Art of Botany which combines botany and drawing, teaching children about basic botany as well as drawing techniques to capture plants.

We’ll be adding more courses over the upcoming year so check back see what we’ve added. Some upcoming titles include:

The Next Step

Invasives Plant Medicine

Kitchen Herbs (Part 1: Kitchen Spices / Part 2: Food as Medicine)

Herbs in Your Backyard (Part 1: Weeds / Part 2: Trees & Shrubs)

In the Garden (Part 1: Herb Garden / Part 2: Flower/Pollinator Garden / Part 3: Fruits & Veggies)

Herbs for Colds and Flue

Low Dose / Short Term Herbs

Herbal First Aid (3 year course)

Herbal Dyes & The Medicine They Make

Herbs for Calm & Relaxation

Herbs for Teens

Plant Families (mult-part course)