Dandelion Dyeing

Using dandelions is great fun for dyeing all sorts of things…playsilks (you can buy ‘blanks’ at dharma trading), cotton or wool socks, cotton undies and t-shirts, wool roving, wool, cotton or silk yarn or anything else that’s made with a natural material (cotton, silk, wool, linen).

A few days ago, we tried our hand at dyeing some playsilks. Both dandelion blossoms and dandelion roots can be used for different colors. We decided to use the dandelion blossoms to make a pale buttery yellow silk.

Before we mowed over all the dandelions, Jaden, Sage and I picked a half gallon dandelion blossoms and tossed them into a small stock pot. We covered those with hot water and brought it to a boil on the stove, simmering it for about an hour or two. While that was simmering, we put our silks into a mordant bath of alum, cream of tartar and water. We strained both pots off, combined the silks with the blossom juice and let that simmer for awhile.

Once the entire process was finished, we washed out the silks and let them dry. they are so pretty!

You can find the entire process in this month’s edition of herbal roots! Have you tried dyeing something yet?!

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