February 11 Calendar Entry

Last month, I added a new section to Herbal Roots zine, Herbal Spirits, inspired by my friend John Gallagher of Learningherbs.com and Herbmentor.com, two wonderful resources for learning more about herbs. Visualizing the spirit of the herb can not only help you grasp a herb’s powers more easily but it can help you see beyond the plant and learn to visualize and associate the plant’s healing powers by seeing the plant as a spiritual being with characteristics. For instance, i picture chickweed as a young spirit who is full of life and energy with dazzling star-like eyes who is thin and wispy. What does this tell me about the herb? She is energizing, physically is thin and wispy and has star flowers.

Before you start your journey with each herb, take a moment to fill out the first worksheet for the Herbal Spirit. There are no right or wrong answers, this is just a beginning point to see you you view the herb. At the end of the month, you’ll fill out the second worksheet to see how your understanding and knowledge of the herb has changed and grown. Then, you can compare your answers!

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