February Calendar – Feb 10

Can you write a willow haiku? Here is ours:
white willow so strong
choose before aspirin
Please share your haiku with us in the comments if you’ve written one!

2 Responses to “February Calendar – Feb 10”

  1. 1

    Grandmother Willow ,
    her beautiful , graceful sway ,
    listen for wisdom.

  2. 2

    silvery green leaves
    unfurling as the earth warms
    dancing in the breeze

    tender buds bitter
    invigorating and bold
    vivid, expected,

    she rests on my tongue
    and remind me to breath deep
    spring is truly here!

    My husband used to tend a willow tree at the golf course where he worked, and as soon as she sprouted her tendrils of leaves, he’d weave me a circlet to hang in the kitchen. At every Imbolc fire, I’d release the old circlet and watch her burn – another cycle completed!

    You have a lovely blog, and I’m glad to have found it. 🙂


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