[Herbal Rootlets]: No. 61 – The next step in teaching your kids about herbs


We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with plant species disappearing at alarming rates. We need botanists! We need young people to embrace the wonders of plant life and to be ambassadors for the ancient beings that make life possible on this planet we call home.”

― Susan Leopold

It has been awhile since I have had a moment to compose a newsletter for all my wonderful subscribers and I apologize. I am gearing up to get back into the swing of sending out weekly newsletters full of great tips and ideas for working with herbs and kids, please bear with me. I appreciate your patience.

For all my new subscribers, welcome to the list! I have lots of great back issues of this newsletter and you can access them all on my website here.

Many of you have been with me since day one (thank you so much for your years of support) and while Herbal Roots zine is great for your kids, you may wonder what is the next step for YOU. Or perhaps you have teenagers who may still love Herbal Roots zine but are ready for that next step.

Today’s newsletter is for you, and them!


Earlier this year, I discussed teaching kids about the tissue states and tastes of herbs. They are a foundational building block of taking herbal learning to the next step. Herbalism is more than just herbs, it’s knowing people and knowing which herbs to match them with. And while Herbal Roots zine does a great job of teaching kids (and adults) all about herbs and their energetics, we have not been able to take the next step in teaching how to match the herbs to people (so little time, so much information…).

One thing in this life’s calling that I am grateful for is community. And connections. And teachers. And knowing many herbalists who have many walks in life, all within the herbal community that I am grateful to be a part of. Which leads me to the point of today’s newsletter, how to take this knowledge on step further.

My good friends Rosalee and John have put together the next step in a really awesome way. While the course is too advanced for most children, I feel that teens who have studied herbs and adults who have a basic knowledge will really appreciate what they have created. This course is a great learning tool to take your herbal knowledge to the next step.

Vending machine for the sale of drinks. Vector drawing for your design and advertisements

Vending machine for the sale of drinks. Vector drawing for your design and advertisements

Check out the video they’ve posted today and you’ll see what I mean. They also have lots of great free handouts to download that help you to take the next step. Honestly, I love the Herbal Compass that Rosalee has created and I keep a copy on my desk for quick reference. It’s an herbal cheat sheet to make using herbs easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver would say.

Next week I’ll be diving back into great ideas for teaching the younger crowd. If you have a question or topic you’d like me to talk about in a future newsletter, please drop me a line at info@herbalrootszine.com.

 ​​Herbal Blessings,


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