Herbal Roots: Cooking with Chickweed

Chickweed is one of the tasty herbs! It can be used in cooking in many ways. I’ve added it raw to salads and on sandwiches in place of lettuce or spinach. It has a spinachy taste to it and kids love it!

Last week, I challenged my Herbal Roots Readers to come up with their own recipe using Chickweed. Today is their chance to post their results. So, if you’ve made a recipe using chickweed, tell us what you made and how it turned out. ask carolyn . Did your family like it? Would you do anything different to the recipe the next time you make it? Is chickweed something you’ll be continuing to eat?

Remember, chickweed does not like hot temperatures so be sure to harvest lots now and store it in your freezer in plastic bags!

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    I am commenting for Tristan, who is 6 years old. We were all very sick this month with an awful cold/ strep that, among other things, made our insides hurt. It was Tristan’s idea to harvest fresh chickweed to add to our bone broth with garlic. We gathered it out in the rain in our sorry state and put it into the boiling broth like greens. It was delicious! We found it to be a very soothing meal.

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