Herbal Roots – Violets

violets are very soothing and are great for helping the respiratory and digestive systems as the leaves are very mucilaginous. this is useful for treating coughs, even those from bronchitis, as well as throat infections (used as a gargle). it treat urinary infections and rheumatism quite well too.

there have been studies done showing violet’s usefulness in treating some types of cancer. you can read more about this in susun weed’s wonderful book ‘healing wise.’

because violet contains large amounts of rutin, she works well for treating varicose veins. this is best treated externally and internally at the same time, using a salve or poultice made from the leaves and a tincture or infusion daily.

violets have lots of medicinal uses but are also great enjoyed as a food, the best way to take your medicine!

one of our favorite things to do around here is make a springtime salad using chickweed, dandelion, violet and plantain mixed in with some lettuce or spinach. then, we add violet blossoms, dandelion petals, day lily petals and various herbs such as mint, lemon balm, thyme, oregano and bergamot.

delicious! top it with a lemon juice/honey dressing and grate some parmesan on top for a salad sure to rival any.

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    violet salad is on the menu tonight!

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    comfrey cottages

    the grandkids and i are going to make your recipe for violet jelly this weekend kristine! i notice on the recipe you use the inversion method, which i have never done. is it as safe as the immersion/canning method in boiling water? thanks and hugs 🙂

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    comfrey cottages

    btw we LOVE the herbal roots!

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    i’ve been making this for 3-4 years now and have never had problems with the inversion method. i think there’s enough sugar in there to preserve it. 😀

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