Herbal Roots zine Conference Poster


I am delighted to announce that my poster won two awards at the AHG Symposium this year!

The Best Contribution to the Future of Herbalism

The People’s Choice Award

A huge thanks goes out to Leslie Alexander for urging me to submit an abstract, to my partner for helping me with the layout, the judges for selecting me and most of all, the people who selected me out of all the amazing posters that were presented! Herbal blessings to all.

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    Lisa Robinson

    I loved your poster and the herbal book that you had for children. Where can I order your book?

  2. 2

    Hi Lisa,


    All of the back issues can be purchased here:


    Please note, they are pdf’s, I do not have a physical hard copy available at this time, the issues I bound for display purposes only.

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