How Medicine Came

Long ago,
the animals and the birds,
the fish and insects and plants
could all talk.
They lived with the people
in peace and friendship.

Then the people invented
bows and blowguns and spears.
They began to kill
the animals then joined together.
They invented diseases
to weaken the people.

The plants remained friendly
to the people.
Each tree and shrub and herb agreed
to offer a cure for each new disease.
Each said “When I am called upon,
I shall help the humans in their need.”

So it is that the plants gave us medicine.
So it is that we must be thankful to them.

-Cherokee, Southeast from The Circle of Thanks: Native American Poems and Songs of Thanksgiving told by Joseph Bruchac


For those who celebrate this day of thankfulness, give a moment of thanks to the plants that grow all around us, offering their healing medicine.


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