january calendar – january 19

i love ginger syrup, how about you?

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    Oh, yes, we are loving the ginger syrup!
    Our soda didn't turn out, it never fermented, but I might try a kefir ginger soda another time. In the meantime, we are having a great time doing our first Herbal Roots!
    We acted out the lore story with our stuffed animals and a conga drum background music and Daddy videotaped it.
    Thank you!

  2. 2

    thickly – i would love to see the re-enactment! can you post it on the herbal roots flickr page?

    it seems a lot of people are having problems with the ginger beer right now, myself included…i'm wondering if it's because of the time of year? in the summer, it works w/o a problem.

  3. 3

    Hmmn, I will see if DH can figure out how to do that. The vid. camera is new and we are not so technologically apt. LOL

    Yeah, I think a ferment like that needs warmer weather. But the soda made with the syrup is delicious. AND, my toddler is throwing up since last night and the other remedies didn't touch it. He didn't sleep more than 15 minutes at a time until I gave him a dose of that syrup. Yeah for ginger! Yeah for Herbal Roots!

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