July 9 Herbal Entry

If you haven’t already, work the crossword puzzle today! Doing activities daily helps you to remember all about the herb you are learning about.

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    I just bought the July issue and am looking for where to buy play silks. I saw in the free issue to get them at Dharma, but which one exactly?

  2. 2

    hi sarah!

    typically playsilks are 35 x 35 although some are 44 x 44. here is the link to the ordering page:

    you cant the habotai scarves 8mm.

    equally fun are the hankies. they come in 12 x 12 or 17 x 17 sizes:

    you can get 12 of the small ones for $7 and kids LOVE them!

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I love your zine it’s so nice to be inspired. I read that you apprenticed with Rosemary. So did I! I went ’02-’03 when she had the 12 month program. What year did you go? I just birthed my third son, Oscar May 28th and I’ve been feeling really disconnected with the herbal part of my soul. So finding your zine was such a blessing. Thanks for all the hard work I know you put into it.

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