july calendar – july 3

how many words rhyme with yarrow? write all you can think of in your journal!

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    Walk in the Woods

    OK! 😀

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    Hi! – I was the lycky winner of the july edition of Herbal Roots. It's just beautiful! I'll make a cup of tea and start reading tonight. It's so great to »meet« others with a love for herbs and herbal lore.
    I'm so lucky to have a lot of yarrow growing in our tiny forrest, so this will definitely inspire to begin using it.
    In danish it's called roellike, I guess we'll make rhymes with that 🙂

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    mona – thank you! i'm happy you are enjoying it. i'm happy that i am able to start collecting us herbies with each other…it is nice to sit and talk shop.

    fun to think of things in danish. adds a whole other spectrum of learning to the mix! you'll have to share some rhymes with us. 🙂

    walk in the woods – how many did you come up with???

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    great site!

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