June 4 Herbal Calendar

Have you ever written a cinquain? A cinquain is similar to a Haiku but has two options for writing it. It was invented by US poet Adelaide Crapsey, born September 9, 1878 in Brooklyn, New York. She enjoyed the Haiku style and adapted it to her own techniques. She named her new construction cinquain, based on the French word for “five”. Here are the general rules:

First line is subject name written with 1 word or 2 syllables
Second line is description of first line using 2 words or 4 syllables
Third line is action in 3 words or 6 syllables
Fourth line is description or emotion in 4 words or 8 syllables
Fifth line is summary or synonym for first line in 1 word or 2 syllables

It’s a great way to make you think about the herb you are studying and write a quick summary of what you are learning. write one in your journal pages and share it here if you’d like! I’d love to hear your take on Chamomile.

Here’s my Chamomile Cinquain:

nodding heads
calming  sedating  soothing
happy relieved peaceful relaxed

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