March 15, 2013 Calendar Entry


 Leaf rubbing activities have been one of our family’s most favorite ways to enjoy nature. During a walk, listening to sounds of birds, noticing signs of the changing seasons, and picking up fallen leaves have been highlights of our days. Today, Kristine is sharing a craft idea that includes a leaf rubbing of our herb of the month, Slippery Elm. Once the rubbing is made, it will be used as part of a book mark. What a beautiful way to remember Slippery Elm and the experiences had with him as shared with your loved ones. The bookmarks make wonderful gifts for friends too! Your friends may have questions about Slippery Elm, and you will have an opportunity to share your knowledge. Imagine sparking a desire for herbal learning with just one leaf rubbing. It could lead to a life long love of learning about the wonderful world of herbs.  If you are ready to get started, turn to page 30 to get started!

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