November 9 Calendar Entry

Herbal toothpowder is easy to make and gentler on the teeth than commercial toothpaste and contains no harsh chemicals. Because Sage has natural whitening power, using this toothpowder will not only clean your teeth but whiten them as well! Make a batch of Sage Toothpowder today.

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    Do you mix the Sage with baking soda? Can you use store bought sage powder or would it be better to grind up your own? Can you use the sage powder with children? Thank you for answering my questions.


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    Hi Tomisha,

    Yes, the sage is mixed with the baking soda. In a pinch you could use the dried sage powder but if you can, purchase some fresh sage from the produce section and dry it in the oven so that it’s fresh and retains the most qualities. The sage powder is sage with children. 🙂

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    Rachel Soumokil

    Thanks for the information, Kristine. It’s always good to know how to take care of oneself from the most basic of ingredients. 🙂

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