november calendar – nov 26

give thanks today for all that you have.

i’m thankful for…

-my beautiful children who inspire me to write herbal roots zine
-my husband who supports my creative endeavors and allows me the freedom to create herbal roots zine
-my friends who encourage me to express myself
-my friends and sponsors who offer their creative creations for the weekly giveaways
-my ability to grow healthy food and herbs to feed my friends, my family and myself
-my readers and subscribers of herbal roots who urge me to continue on with this addiction of mine to create a fun way to teach children and adults about the wonderful healing power of herbs!!

what are you thankful for?

thank you

3 Responses to “november calendar – nov 26”

  1. 1
    The Plant Whisperer

    I'm thankful to have you in my life Kristine. You inspire me, have been a sweet friend to me, and remind me that I'm not on this wild Earth Path alone.
    I love you!

    Happy Gratitude day,


  2. 2

    awwww, ananda, i love you too! you inspire me as well and have reminded me to be gentle on myself. you are such an amazing woman, i'm honored to be a friend of yours!

  3. 3
    comfrey cottages

    i am very thankful to have met you kristine. and very thankful that you have shared your creative learning tool herbal roots zine with my grands and i. we have learned so much this year and had a wonderful time doing so. you give so much of yourself in each issue:) i too love you kristine and wish every blessing for you and your lovely family:)

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